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Monday, October 10, 2016

Brilliant Short Film Explaining True Situation in Israel

Tzvi Fishman, long time film-maker, originally from the states, has written, directed and produced the most brilliant and clear description of the situation here in Israel and the dangers of trusting foreign advice. It's best that you first watch the movie instead of my trying to explain it.

הכל בסדר, אמא, Imma, Hakol Beseder, Mom, Everything's Fine

Unfortunately, this is a very true scenario.

Israel's insecurity and growing unwillingness to trust its own instincts in terms of defense is a growing danger.

This is seen in the daily news, such as the disgraceful and dangerous media and legal trial against the young soldier Elor Azaria. And also the fact that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu buckled totally and agreed to sign the most damaging so-called aid sic package with the United States. Basically, this new aid package not only gives the United States full production control over necessary military defense equipment, but it endangers the economic viability of Israel's military industries. The only beneficiary of this "package" is the United States of America.

Please share this film far and wide to give people the chance to know the truth.

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