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Friday, October 7, 2016

If Huma-Clinton Follow Obama as POTUS, Will Israel Finally See The Light?

Unlike many Israelis, I've never really considered the United States to be a true friend of the State of Israel. General policy comes from the State Department, and the nuances come from the sitting President. And don't forget that from the very beginning, the advice to then President Truman concerning how to vote on November 29, 1947, was to vote "no" concerning the approval of the establishment of a Jewish State.

After much debate and visit from an old friend, Truman bucked that advice and had his delegate vote "yes."

And while Arab forces, backed by Great Britain and others fought the newly formed IDF, Truman sat on his hands and watched, if he paid attention at all. Most countries, even those that voted "yes," expected the nascent Jewish State to be quickly defeated. That was the popular wisdom of the time. Remember that Great Britain did everything in its power to sabotage the establishment of a viable Jewish State. That included severely restricting immigration to preserve an Arab majority, arming the Arabs and dividing up the area mandated by the League of Nations to be Jewish state, twice, once by inventing Jordan, and the second by promoting the division of the remaining territory into Jewish and Arab states.

I consider the United States to be an extremely dangerous enemy of the State of Israel, because it claims to be a friend and ally while undermining our security and economic viability constantly. This is a classic example of the abuser-victim relationship, where the abuser proclaims love while abusing/beating the victim and then giving "gifts." Unfortunately, the Israeli persona/psyche is so damaged after thousands of years of antisemitism, that it is desperate for any form of attention and "kind" words, even when accompanied by backstabbing.

U.S. Presidents from the Democrats are most skilled at playing these games. One big reason is because American Jews have an illogical* affinity to the Democratic Party. And although it's no secret that Hillary Clinton's top aide and advisor is the pro-Arab Muslim Huma Abedin, a humongous percentage of her financial support is coming from Jews.

Huma Abedin with Hillary Clinton.
Do You Think Huma Abedin Is An Anti-Semitic Person?
Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/10/05/exclusive-huma-abedin-email-attacked-jewish-group/#ixzz4MNMGPDwh
It would be worse than naive to imagine a Hillary Clinton White House without Huma Abedin in a top official role. I have no doubt that American Jewry will continue to lie to itself about Hillary being a friend, but I should hope that the State of Israel will finally wise up and see the truth. The United States of America is neither a friend nor ally of the State of Israel! This is certainly the case when the President is a Democrat, because the agenda of that party endangers the State of Israel. As awful as some of the Republican presidents have been vis-à-vis their Israeli policies, this is bupkes in comparison to the potential dangers of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Yes, that means I consider Donald Trump to be much better for Israel and American Jews than Hillary. 

And I also think that having another US President, Hillary Gd forbid, who doesn't see the dangers of Islam for the world to be a danger for the United States and the rest of the world.

Remember that paranoids do have real enemies!

*I would really have wished to write "inexplicable," but we all know that for a very illogical reason, American Jewry has continuously been grateful for FDR's help in defeating the Nazis, as if he did it to stop the Holocaust, when the truth is that saving Jews was not part of his plan at all. He did nothing to stop/protest the antisemitism that mushroomed into systematic murder, nor did he do anything to stop the killing, and he kept out Jewish refugees and survivors as much as he could.


Yiscah said...

Batys, a really excellent assessment of this "relationship."

Batya said...

thank you, glad that I'm not the only one who thinks this way

Mr. Cohen said...

Liberals NEVER LEARN from mistakes.

If they would learn from mistakes, then they would no longer be Liberal.

There is a special name for the very few Liberals who learned from mistakes;
they are called ex-Liberals.

Batya said...

So true. As I've been saying for years, nobody more reactionary and close-minded than a Liberal.

HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

Batya & Mr. Cohen...this means political Liberals misuse the word. Real liberals are open-minded and will seek the truth, and are generous. Is this 1984, where everything means the opposite of what it's supposed to?

My father-in-law, may his memory be blessed, hated Roosevelt. My husband recalls it well.

Batya said...

Remember that Liberals are not liberal.