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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Canada, Beware! SECURITY RISK!

I keep wondering if this isn't a joke, because if the Canadian Trudeau Government didn't bother counting the children in the Syrian families they accepted as refugees, how thorough was the security check they did?
Canada: We didn’t know that refugees had so many children
Canada is having difficulty dealing with the absorption of Syrian refugees and the Minister of Immigration explains that the government didn’t take into account the size of Syrian families in planning to care for them.
Canada has accepted 32 thousand* refugees this year... 
Frightening, isn't it?

All refugees aren't the same, and one should never equate the Jews who fled Nazi Europe or Arab countries with today's Syrian refugees.

Remember that, even at their best, refugees bring to their new countries the cultures of the old country. When masses of immigrants came to Israel from the USSR, which soon after collapsed completely, they knew how to "work the system" getting the best benefits possible and brought their great study habits. They learned Hebrew amazingly quickly and well, even most adults. But they also brought their drinking culture, which didn't exist in Israel before.

Countries accepting Syrian refugees should take into account that they come from a very violent culture and follow a strong Muslim lifestyle. Their aim isn't to integrate and assimilate. Look at all of the problems in France. After a decade, or even less, life will be much more difficult than that in the countries that have welcomed Syrian refugees. Parts of Europe are already suffering.

Good luck to Canada.

Jews, remember that you have a home in Israel!

*apparently the number only refers to the adults, not the true total which would include children


Shiloh said...

Great article Batya, many Canadians are already fed up with what is already happening. The media is of course censoring the many rapes of young women by these muzrats. Canada was one of the last countries of human decency, but the bleeding heart liberals fell for the Trudeau lies and now they will all pay. The world continues to be destroyed by the muzrats. Oh, also, in Canada they are trying to make it illegal to criticize Islam. Lovers of Evil, haters of good. The world has gone mad.

Batya Medad said...

thanks, awful world