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Monday, November 2, 2015

Dividing Jerusalem Again Will Not Stop Arab Terrorism!

Trying to bottle up Arab terrorists as an "independent city within a city" will not stop Arab terrorism!

Bus Was Target of Terror Attack (ABC News)
'Dividing capital into Arab and Jewish municipalities is the only way to end bloodshed'

Indicating that physically dividing the capital would be impractical, if not impossible, Margalit argued that a “functional division” must be implemented through the creation of two autonomous Arab and Jewish municipalities.
“It’s impossible to physically divide the city,” he said. “Instead of walls, the idea is to create Palestinian neighborhoods that will become part of the ‘Palestinian Municipality of Jerusalem,’ and Jewish neighborhoods will remain the Israeli Municipality of Jerusalem.
“So, in one [physically] united city, there will be two municipalities, and the same city will become the capital of two nations.” (Jerusalem Post)
If anything it will only make the situation worse. Also, it will just strengthen the terrorists by proving to the Arabs that terror pays. Giving the Arabs status as rulers over parts of Jerusalem goes against every principle for a strong, safe and united Israel.

Arabs don't "resort to terrorism." Their culture is violent, and job and education status are not the crucial factors in whether or not someone will be a terrorist. This is what any intelligent objective person should learn from those Arabs who perpetrate terror attacks in recent years. If anything, the more comfortable and successful Arabs are the most vicious terrorists, and that is why we are seeing younger and younger Arabs joining their ranks.

Making Arabs responsible for their own garbage collection, sewer repairs etc. will not keep them from attacking innocent Jews. It will only weaken Israel's international status and encourage the Arabs to attack us even more.


Anonymous said...

I would like to refresh my memory over what constitutes an "undivided Jerusalem."

I know that prior to 1967, Jerusalem had certain boundaries and part of that area was occupied by Jordan, and Jews were not allowed to go there. If we want to talk about "undivided Jerusalem," let's start with the areas at that time. If Israel retains those areas, I would think that technically Jerusalem remains undivided.

Then the issue becomes the areas that were added to Jerusalem after 1967. Which areas would be considered "part of undivided Jerusalem" and which would be those which could be removed from the Jerusalem area without endangering the principle of not "redividing" the city?

Anonymous said...

As for "the capital of two nations," the Palestinians can call theirs "al-Quds," for all I care. They can fantasize all they want about "a capital in Jerusalem." In reality, Jerusalem can only be the capital of the Jewish people as represented by Israel, and it will remain the capital for only one people forever.

Mr. Cohen said...

Israel is ruled by unrealistic illogical Liberals
and hallucinating self-hating suicidal far-Leftists.

So long as they continue to remain in power, Israel has:
no hope forever, and no chance forever, and no way forever.

Netivotgirl said...

Until we have a government with either Emunah in Hashem (Faith in G-d) meaning belief that Jerusalem really IS ours as is written in the Tanach (Bible) or the guts to ignore world opinion, nothing on the ground will change. So sad. Those on the far left are clearly from the 'Eruv Rav' Hashem ya'azor!