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Monday, November 9, 2015

Lame Duck Obama and PM Bibi Meet Again

President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2010.
Photo by Jason Reed/Reuters
From what I've been able to glean from the news, both United States President, the lame duck, Barack Hussein Obama and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, are hoping for a polite drama-less summit this week. They went head to head last time Netanyahu was in the states over the "Iran deal," and with elections to replace Obama just a year away and Israel's suffering daily Arab terror attacks, neither of them want negative headlines.

I highly doubt if their personal chemistry can ever improve. Obama and Bibi are so extremely different in both their ideologies, educational backgrounds and mentalities. Obama was raised by his extreme, far-Left mother, who even gave him foreign, rather than American education and culture. Netanyahu comes from Israel's Right; his father, Professor Benzion Netanyahu PHD, was a world renown historian who taught in prestigious universities around the world and raised his sons to be IDF heros. It's possible that Bibi had more years of mainland American education than Obama did. Even more than political ideology, there's a frequent phenomenon I've noticed here in Israel which can be seen in the bad chemistry between Bibi and Obama. American and Israeli males are very different and can have serious trouble establishing friendships.

There's also a lot of personal anger between Netanyahu and Obama. The Americans illegally and immorally funded and supported the last Knesset campaign against Bibi, the V15, which had a slogan/motto of "anyone but Bibi."
The Obama administration is using taxpayer dollars to fund a radical anti-Israel group that aims to drive Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office in March parliamentary elections.
And the U.S.-based group receiving the U.S. government money, OneVoice International, in turn is working with V15, an "independent grassroots movement" in Israel, according to Ha'aretz. V15's unofficial motto is said to be "anyone but Bibi," a reference that includes the prime minister's nickname. (Frontpagemag)
It's no secret that Netanyahu has many supporters and long-time friends in the Republican Party, which continuously irks Obama, but nothing that Bibi has ever done can be compared to the immoral, and probably illegal, V15.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the aim of this upcoming meeting is "common ground." So, no doubt both Obama and Netanyahu will try to follow whatever script that has been planned in advance, or they would not be meeting at all.

President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu look out a window before their lunch at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. (photo credit:OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE PHOTO / PETE SOUZA)

Obama, more than a decade younger than Netanyahu, is most probably looking forward to his forced by law early retirement, while there doesn't seem like a dignified and respectable way for Bibi to leave office in the near future.


Anonymous said...

To you it's always black and white.

That's your problem not your solution.

Batya said...

Black and white like life and death?