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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Not All Terror Victims are Equal

Why is Jewish blood considered cheaper than any other?

This post is not to belittle the recent terror attacks in Paris, nor say anything against those victims of ISIS Arab Muslim terror. But I'm sick and tired of the fact that we never see international identification and sympathy for Jewish and Israeli victims, like we see after other terror attacks. And I'm not only talking about responses from abroad. The Israeli media, politicians etc are no better.

being passed around on facebook
This composite compares the headlines of the Paris attacks and the Arab terror attack on the Litman family just before Shabbat which resulted in the murder of the father and son.

  • "Terror attack in Israel: Father and son were killed in an attack near Otniel."
  • "Terror attack in France: About 150 were murdered..."
Why the difference in verbs? One is killed in an accident, and the Litman family was not in an accident. They were attacked--targeted by Arab terrorists. The resulting deaths were murder, plain and simple.

Litman funeral, photo Arutz 7
The world is responding to the Friday night ISIS terror attacks in Paris in all sorts of ways. 
Solidarity in symbols: Responding with light to Paris attacksJust an hour after a series of attacks rocked Paris on Friday night, the Eiffel Tower went dark in mourning.
But the response worldwide was to turn on the light: Three colors began appearing in solidarity: blue, white, and red. (Yahoo)

Here in Israel we've had to cope with many terror attacks with similarly proportionate deaths to the population, but in no case has the world shown much sympathy nor any identification, outside of Jewish communities. 

As I've said many times, I have no doubt that the fact that the world sympathizes with the Arab aka Palestinian sic terrorists who murder and terrorize us here in Israel contributes to the confidence and enthusiasm of the terrorists  who are terrorizing France and the rest of the world.


NormanF said...


There's irony in the fact the non-Jewish victims at the Bataclan Theatre were targeted only because of the prior Jewish ownership of the establishment.

Pascal and Joel Laloux did the right thing to sell it and make aliyah to Israel.

Islamic terrorists have sent European Jews the message they're no longer safe.

Terrorism is rooted in Jew-hatred and its regrettable the West has yet to come to terms with the reality its not only Jews that are in cross-hairs of Islamic terrorists.

As long as the West thinks only Jews will bear the brunt of terrorism, nothing will change.

Batya Medad said...

The world, due to their acceptance of the terror against Jews facilitates terror against themselves

Anonymous said...

" His father, Bernard, 66, said there is a difference between the attacks Friday night that killed 129 people and the January assault on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper and a Kosher supermarket that killed 17 victims.

He says in January "it was an attack on Jews, it was an attack on free expression."

This, he said, "was an attack on a way of life - they shot without discrimination." "

This is a case of "first they came for the communists..." The truth is it doesn't make any difference which way it starts: if it's against the general population, it will include the Jews, and if it starts against the Jews, it will spread to the general population.

Bascially the man above is saying that he didn't care when the war was only against the Jews and the principle of free speech. Now that it is against his way of life, the French way of life, he cares.


Anonymous said...

Batya, I"m so with you. The way the news is reported drives me crazy, because the "medium is the message". Murder of Jews is always reported in the passive voice, and as you note, using the word "killed" and not "murdered". The reporting should say, Arab murders a Jewish man and teenager. (Another thing, Jewish victims are always referred to as adults, unless they are very young children, whereas Arab terrorists are always youths or teenagers until about age 21, and of course are never called terrorist, because only a Jew could be called a terrorist. They are either children, youths, teenagers, or militants).

Rockets fall on Beersheva, as if they are rain and Jews lose their lives, as if they were simply careless. I also hate the way the Holocaust is spoken of: Jews "perished" and "lost their lives", as if they were on a ship that sunk in a storm. Again, there were six million murders of individual Jews. Part of the goal of the Nazi enemy and the Arab enemy, in addition to physically murdering us, is to dehumanise us. Unfortunately, the media assists them in their goal.

Batya Medad said...

a, we're on the same team. I agree with you!

S Morris said...

Do we know for a fact that the Bataclan theater was targeted because it was Jewish-owned?

Batya Medad said...

No proof, and apparently it isn't Jewish-owned now.

S Morris said...

So, no proof but for the obvious: the Bataclan was not a random target. I wonder if we will ever know. I also wonder if the mainstream media (outside of Israel) will consider the Jewish connections of the Bataclan: prior Jewish ownership, prior hosting (if true) of pro-Israel events, etc.

Not sure if it's okay to ask this question, or how to ask it. Do we know the specific religious, ethnic and national affiliations of all the victims?

S Morris said...

Batya, you live in Shiloh? If so, I think I may know one of your neighbors. Please email me at the email addy I provided to discuss. I don't want to post people's names online.