Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Suspected," "Allegedly," Media Idiocy Against Israel!

Here are a few of recent headlines in the Jerusalem Post:
Yahoo news
Border Police officer critically wounded in suspected car ramming attack near Hebron
Israeli man allegedly attacked by Sudanese Muslim on flight to Ethiopia
Masked assailant reportedly stabs off-duty Hatzolah worker in New York
The emphasis (bold and italics) is mine.

Honestly, I don't understand these wishy-washy adverbs used to cast doubt on simple to prove facts.
French Hill, Givat Hamivtar, Jerusalem
location of "my" Arab terror attack.
I was injured along with about twenty others,
and a woman was murdered.
  • For close to twenty years, Arab terrorists have used their cars/vehicles as weapons to kill, maim, injure and terrorize innocent Israelis. I know this too well, since I was injured in the very first one just under twenty years ago. After being attacked, David Bar Illan, who was then Editor-in-Chief of the Jerusalem Post, had me interviewed, posted an op-ed I wrote about it and used my information in a double-long editorial supporting my claim, later verified by the police, that it was a terror attack. Recently this method has become very popular  for Arab terrorists attacking Jews. It offers them protection they won't get as suicide bombers, and is much less intimate than stabbing.
  • There were many witnesses of the attack on Arik Zanuda, an Israeli on the flight from Chad to Addis Ababa, so why cast doubt on the story by using the word "allegedly?"
  • photo credit:HAREDIM 10
  • With pictures of the stabbed Hatzolah worker David Katz, and the simple fact that the article even says that Katz is hospitalized for stab wounds, why is the Jerusalem Post using the phrase "reportedly stabbed?" He was stabbed.
The Jerusalem Post is editorializing to cast doubt on the attacks on Jews, whether terror attacks here in Israel or attacks on Jews abroad. The vocabulary it uses gives the impression that there is a reasonable uncertainty as to whether or not the attacks actually took place.

It's very hard to get accurate unbiased news!


Anonymous said...

Does one expect anything else from the mainstream media - they are all left of left.

Batya said...

That is why I blog

Keli Ata said...

It's good that you blog, and are able to do so fluently in English. Thank you.

As for using the words "allegedly" and "reportedly" it's not inherently bad, but to question whether an event occurred is just plain wrong. Basically, though, it is simply a way to distance oneself from a story to create the illusion that the media outlet is not biased, but in the case of the main stream media and Israel it's almost always used to deceived the public and skew the story against Israel.

Batya said...

Keli, thanks.
Glad you appreciate.