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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Temple Mount, Essence of Jewish Rights

Beit HaMikdash, Jewish Holy Temple on Temple Mount
(photo by me, Batya Medad)
One does not need to be a PHD in World History to know that Judaism predates both Christianity and Islam and that Islam is the baby of the three. That's why the only fuel to the nonexistent denials to the rantings of Arab preachers, politicians etc that the Temple Mount is originally theirs must be antisemitism, pure hatred of Jews and Israelis.
The preacher, Mohammed Salim, declared that the compound belongs solely to Muslims, claiming that the proof is in its name “Al-Aqsa” (lit. the extreme). In light of this “fact”, claimed Salim, the question is “how the Jews are lying about their sovereignty and claim that the Temple stood on this mountain?”
Salim stressed that the Muslims are the sole owners of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and that praying in it is the right of Muslims. Control of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the entry of Muslims is a matter of their own and no one has the authority to intervene but Muslims, said he added. (Arutz 7)
photo by me, Batya Medad
Unfortunately not enough Jews and Israelis really care about history and our rights to the Temple Mount and even the Land of Israel. And they don't listen carefully to what our Arab enemies are saying. The Arabs are speaking very clearly of their ultimate aim, which is our destruction and banishment, Gd forbid.

Jews who cooperate with those who ban Jews from visiting and praying on the Temple Mount are in essence also lending a hand in belittling our rights to the Land of Israel and weaken the legitimacy of the State of Israel. These two issues are actually one. That is because the Temple Mount is the essence of the Jewish Religion, which is the core of Zionism and Jewish History.

Amputating Jerusalem or parts of it from the State of Israel will only facilitate destruction, Gd forbid. The pre-June, 1967 Israel was a poor and backwards country. If we had lost the Six Days War, the country would have been destroyed. Our victory and subsequent growth has been miraculous and phenomenal, unprecedented in World History.

The Six Days War victory was without any human ally; no country helped Israel in any way. The United Nations assisted Egypt by withdrawing the so-called "peacekeeping forces," and the United States stood on the sidelines with all other countries.

Rabbi Yosef Elbaum and Rachel Sela, two Jewish Rights on Temple Mount activists. (photo by me, Batya Medad)
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu should remember that as well as I do; we are the same age. And therefore he should make it clear to Obama that we owe the United States nothing. The USA should be apologizing to Israel for supporting our enemies. Bibi must renege on his support for "two states." There must never be a Palestinian State; it would destroy the State of Israel, Gd forbid.


Anonymous said...

What do you care if Israel loses billions. To you it's be correct not wise.

To you Israel's self sufficient in Jets, spare parts, etc.

But only to you

annie said...

Don't you find all the things that are going on in Israel so timely? We're reading in Parshas Chayei Sarah about Abraham purchasing with the deed recorded in Torah fully, Machpelah... It seems that weekly, as it's being read in the Torah, it's happening in the streets, or across the world.

Thank you for your postings... We stand with Israel...

Batya said...

a, bubkes! we are not getting anything other than "buy in America" shopping coupons which are bad for the Israeli economy. And it's an infintesmal part of the Israeli econmoy.
annie, maybe we shouldn't have bought it, because that showed that we didn't own it didn't get it from Gd.

annie said...

Batya... please help me to understand your comment back to me... are you saying that had Abraham not purchased Machpelah, there wouldn't be a problem ...even right now because owning that cave should have come from another way, directly from HaShem, and not a purchase that Abraham made?

Are you saying that in his purchasing that Cave, it caused a ripple effect down the road, to our day and age? Please help me to understand your point... *:-)

Batya said...

Just from my gut. The three places mosg fought over were all purchased. Maybe that is a contributing ause.

annie said...

Well, Batya... it may be true, not sure, but... one thing i do know... the entire deed and witnesses are recorded in the Torah of the purchase of Machpelah... the Cave of Adam/Eve, Abraham/Sarah, Isaac/Rebekkah, and Jacob/Leah... with Esaus' head... It is proof that this Land and Cave belongs, forever, to the Jewish People... don't doubt this for one moment!!! Maybe that Cave represents the Way BACK to the Garden... the Way of Life... and it's meant to be for all of YOU to own it, to take us all back to the Right Way of living...

It looks now for this moment in time, that someone else is trying to take that ownership of that Cave, but not true. The Truth of this purchase is still in tact, fully in tact... not diminished at all... only people are trying to hide the Truth that You/The Jewish People have control of that strategic Place on earth... but their trying to change history won't stand.

Adam "dropped the ball" so to speak, and Abraham was chosen, along with his children, to take that ball and run... Abraham has the legal right, from HaShem to own it, and to take the responsibility that HaShem gave to him in bringing the Words of HaShem/Torah... to the world and to be that Light to all the nations of the world... This Cave and the other two places are very important because they show who is in charge... These are important Places to HaShem. it is the Will of Hashem that you all do this Job... and when HaShem wills something... nothing, no where , no how , nothing can stop His Will... Be encouraged and be patient... He is on Your side... Baruch HaShem!!!

Sorry this is so lengthy... Be encouraged... He's On Your Side!!! *:-)

Batya said...

"Abraham has the legal right, from HaShem to own it" exactly!