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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Israel's One-Sided Love Affair with the World

The Shomron regional council organized a very clever "solidarity with France" campaign, which was also a dig at France's foreign policy.
Watch: 'Settlers stand with France'
"Settlers stand with France"
Samaria Residents' Committee
 A group of activists from the Samaria Residents' Committee - an organization which campaigns for the rights of Jews in Samaria - handed out French flags labeled in French "Settlers stand with France" to motorists and pedestrians alike....
But underneath the message of solidarity emblazoned on the flag is another message of sorts: a label informing that they were produced "Product of Judea and Samaria." (Arutz 7)
According to reports, the French media has been ignoring the various solidarity acts in Israel when they report on how the world is reacting to Friday night's terror attacks.

And on Sunday I heard the television reporters acting very troubled and confused when they discussed how while Israel is still constantly reporting on the terror attacks, the French media has gone back to business as usual with the regular programming.

When will we in Israel recognize that our love is not returned. We have no reliable allies!!


Anonymous said...

"Nous sommes tous Israel" (it's just that we don't know it)

Native Israelis totally fail to understand the Western mentality. The Israeli thinking is that now that it has happened to them (i.e. targetted killing of civilians, before it was only against the Jews, so that of course didn't count, and even against Charlie, they could somehow "understand" it, because the newspaper insulted the death cult), they will finally understand us. But that's not it at all. Most Westerners see Israel as a Western colonial power oppressing the poor native Palestinians, who are engaged in a noble and justified struggle for survival. The terror against France, is however pure, unjustifiable terror, and there is no connection between the two.

People don't change their world view so easily. Remember there were many avowed anti-semites, Poles, Russians etc, who were killed by the Nazis, including in camps. Having a common enemy did not make these people love Jews. The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend.

Israel has to adopt a "don't complain, don't explain" attitude, get on with the job and stop whinging to a world that will never love us, but may respect us if we could only get a backbone.

And of course, I condemn violence on the part of both sides of the conflict in France, and call on both sides to exercise restraint.


Anonymous said...

The secular public of Israel are in love with the West because this is how they have been brought up and indoctrinated in their schools and society. Until it will become clear to all that the leadership and the whole infrastructure of the State was and is led by Erev Rav who are part of this western culture and have, thus, been trying to undo religious Judaism in Israel. This goes to the heart of the matter, so no one should be surprised at this love affair with everything that is anti-Jewish/Torah. Now, we can see why the religious from the beginning were determined to go against them. If the State would have conducted itself from the start as a true Jewish state, all the problems, wars and hatreds would have been avoided, for sure.

Batya said...

Elisheva, thanks, so true and so pathetic... thanks for the comment.

a, you ruin your comment with your use of the term "Erev Rav." The mentality I find problematic in Israel is also in Jewish communities all over the world, when they try to "fit in" and hide Jewishness and think that we need the love of others.

Anonymous said...

No, you're wrong here. The Gaon of Vilna and other great sages foretold that at the end of days, we will have returned to our Land and that it will be ruled by the Erev Rav. The Erev Rav are usually in positions of power and not only in Israel, but all over and are usually very wealthy. Those that follow them are just followers and not Erev Rav, but those who usually give the bad name to the Jewish people because of their positions of power and fame are usually from the Erev Rav. I think Rabbi Winston has spoken of them and it is written in the Kol HaTor by the GR'A. There was a booklet written on them where the Rabbi(think Rabbi Samson) who wrote the book wrote that all the 'isms' we know of today were started by them.

Batya said...

I stand corrected. Didn't know that. It's just that I keep hearing the term from commenters who profess a very problematic "version" of Judaism.