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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vatican Radio anticipates Israel relinquishing control of Cenacle Shrine on Mt. Zion

Posted by Jewishisrael
As promised, Jewishisrael has an important update to our report at the end of January, Pope to get seat over the Tomb of King David.

There's a new Pope and Vatican Radio, which serves as "the voice of the Pope and the Church in Dialogue with the world", is pushing in a not-so- friendly-way for control of the Cenacle Shrine above the tomb of King David.

Shimon Peres will be traveling to the Vatican at the end of April to meet Pope Francis and this update covers an enormous amount of ground concerning the happenings on Mount Zion...more


Eckstein's IFCJ continues to be a source of controversy for Jewish Charities : focus on Netanya
Conflicting reports have appeared in the Jewish Press as to whether or not Netanya's largest charity, Kupat Tzedaka Merkazit, has rejected a 100,000 shekel donation from Yechiel Eckstein's organization, IFCJ (Keren L’Yedidut -The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews).

Jewishisrael investigated to get the real the story. In addition, we explore why Eckstein's approach to fundraising and his methods continue to cause discomfort among Jews across the religious and political spectrum. And yes, it seems rabbis and community leaders in Netanya have good reason to be suspect of Christian generosity….more

JewishIsrael Community Alert : Missionary Infiltration
Since 2009, JewishIsrael has been cautioning the Israeli and Diaspora community about  HaYovel's Tommy Waller, his aspirations for a Christian restoration in Israel, and the missionary agenda of so many of his associates. 

JewishIsrael has provided reports, video materials and given presentations in both English and Hebrew to a broad audience of rabbis, Jewish community leaders, politicians, and activists. This has led to the formulation of halachic positions regarding the acceptance of monetary and manpower assistance from Christian organizations or individuals.

Recently, information came to light which further validates our concerns and confirms the disturbing entanglement between Tommy Waller,  a number of HaYovel volunteers, and messianic missionaries such as Mike Isley and Boaz Michael (a.k.a. Michael Detweiler)…more

Also JewishIsrael has added several new and disturbing videos to our video library


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