Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nu, So The American Terrorists in Boston Aren't Arab, They're Just Muslims

Consider the title of this post food for thought. 

Photo: EPA
And here's something I commented to some articles I found in the internet about the capture of the Boston Marathon Bombers:

I think the Americans should treat those bombers just the way Israel treats Arab terrorists and give them visits, education and a chance to be released when their supporters hold innocent people hostage. And if you think America shouldn't, then maybe Israel should learn from Americans how to punish murderers. 

I added to that a link to my post about the death penalty and the importance of using it against terrorists.
Death Penalty for Murdering-Terrorists! 
Terrorists are more dangerous than "regular" criminals, because they have ideology pushing them, which makes them believe that their criminal acts can be justified.

According to the New York Times, the bombers were known to the FBI after the older one spent six months with his father, but after being investigated, nothing was discovered.
The brothers were born in Kyrgyzstan, an official said, and were of Chechen heritage. Chechnya, a long-disputed Muslim territory in southern Russia, sought independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union and then fought two bloody wars with the authorities in Moscow. Russian assaults on Chechnya were brutal, killing tens of thousands of civilians as terrorist groups from the region staged attacks in central Russia.  

No doubt all of the information they have is now being reassessed.
“We went to Chechnya to visit relatives,” Mr. Tsarnaev said in an interview in Russia.
The trip will come under intense scrutiny to determine whether he met with extremist groups or received training, current and former intelligence and law enforcement officials said. Kevin R. Brock, a former senior F.B.I. and counterterrorism official, said, “It’s a key thread for investigators and the intelligence community to pull on.”
Now to get back to my earlier comment about how to treat terrorists. In America there is talk about treating the surviving bomber differently from the way they would treat a regular criminal/suspect.
The seeds of arguments to come were already apparent, however. Questions arose concerning the arrest and prosecution of the surviving brother, and whether he should be given a Miranda warning and other elements of constitutional rights in criminal cases. Further attention surrounds the government’s early scrutiny of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and whether warning signs may have been missed.
In the hours after the arrest, Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and John McCain of Arizona, both Republicans, issued a statement late Friday calling for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who is a naturalized American citizen, to be treated like a terrorist, not a criminal, with reduced constitutional rights and no right to remain silent as promised in Miranda warnings.
In Israel we give the terrorists too many rights.  We also keep them alive, even when we know that they are killers/murderers. And then they are traded for kidnapped Israelis.  It would make much more sense for us to execute them.  I wonder what the Americans will do with the one they have captured.


John said...

The USA should not give up one its best of its traditions-the presumption of innocence--in an emotional response to this event. Like most, I was outraged when this happened, and I wanted to see them dead. Trying someone as a terrorist is to make a presumption of guilt right off the start. The USA should never give up its better nature. If it does, it will be no better than the nations that seek to tear it down.

Anonymous said...

a blessed pesach sheni this 14 iyar to all of isr.
there was some mind boggling info on debka's sat edition, i.e. yesterday's. and also at the

Anonymous said...

left out one site. (i know its a xt paper but its info is usually correct on these issues) of Michelle's visit.

Batya said...

JOhn, rainbow, what about when the USA killed at least 2,000 Iraqis to give Sadam Husein a fair trial. Isn't that peculiar? What were they guilty of? So why do the Americans criticize Israel for less?

Shiloh said...

Don't get too wrapped up in the propaganda of the US gov't nor the US media. The whole thing stinks. Look at the photos right before the bomb went off, who was in place at the time. Was this a practice run for martial law? It's insane what's happening in the USA now.

Shy Guy said...

Something else that stinks

Philistines upon you, America.