Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Finally, But Too Little and Too Late

Yesterday I met with some people involved with, as volunteers, in Israel's Hasbara, information "campaign."  They find it very frustrating that our beloved country, full of so many intelligent and successful people, businessmen and marketing experts just can't get our own defense and image right.

We do the Christian, which Christians don't practice, "turn the other cheek" when we're attacked.  It has gotten to such a point that on the rare occasions when we do react, we're considered aggressors.  After silently accepting the recent attacks from Gazan Arab terrorists, yesterday we finally hit back.
IAF strikes follow rocket and mortar fired from Gaza toward southern Israel in which no injuries or damages caused; Hamas says none hurt in attack on northern Gaza; police find rocket remains at Sderot nursery.

Smoke from airstrike in Gaza Strip
Smoke from airstrike in Gaza Strip Photo: Ibraheem Abu Mustafa / Reuters
The IAF launched airstrikes on the Palestinian Gaza Strip on Tuesday, the first such attack since a truce ended an eight-day cross-border war in November.
How much good will it do so late on, especially when we're so apologetic?

Border police arrest settlers in
West Bank [file] Photo:
Tazpit News Agency
Unfortunately, the IDF and Defense Ministry are much quicker when it comes to going after Jews who defend themselves from Arab terrorists.  Nearby Aish Kodesh suffers from both Arab and IDF violence.  Too many Jews find themselves wasting time in jail due to trumped up charges by the authorities.
Shoshan said the incident began when some 200 people from Kusra infiltrated the outpost’s vineyards and threw stones at the settlers. He added that Border Police and Eish Kodesh’s security team responded in an attempt to disperse them, shooting in the air.

This only encourages Arab aggression.

As I've said on many occasions:
"Something stinks!"

It's of major importance that our official Hasbara be done properly, professionally and without apologies.  If we don't make it one hundred percent 100% clear that we have no doubt of about our legitimate right to be in this Land, then people won't trust us.

We should be initiating the points, attacks against the Arab aggressors and their international supporters.

We should be using the Leftist human rights terminology to demand our human rights, civil rights and religious rights.

Whoever acts stronger and more confident wins, and we waste too much time apologizing.

This is OUR LAND!  In the long History of the World, only one people, the Jewish People have ever had an independent nation here.  We are back and we're not leaving!!!


deborah lurya said...

So what you are saying is the Jewish leadership stinks. Where are our Jewish leaders to bring us to victory, rather than giving up. For this to happen would take a complete revolution, a overthrow of the government system and leaders, and a new system of governance and a new electoral system. Of course the responses have been too little and too late, we have been giving up our sovereignty since we decided to give back Sinai for , what, a treaty for a cold peace. What is there to do now? Where are the leaders- the country is in crises. Soon Erdogan will press for the blockade to be lifted, and then all chances for Israel being a sovereign nation will end. Imagine the Turkish Islamic flag waving in the breeze in Bethleham- also all that money that the elitists in the government and population who profit off those shipments will lose their business, as the port is opened.

goyisherebbe said...

Batya, you are right that hasbara is failing, but it will necessarily fail. The issue of Israel in the time of Geula, the End of Days, is a hot-button issue with little in the middle. Trying to use human-rights terminology will convince no on and is just preaching to the choir. What we do have to do is to unashamedly stand up for our own and not listen to either the nations of the world or the Jewish leftists who are merely crippling us. The problem is that we are all in this together and we are by nature too gentle. Those prisoners who go out and commit more terrorist acts should never have got to prison, but Israel doesn't have the inner ability to either finish them off in the field or impose capital punishment. But in spite of it we endure. In spite of the craziness of our neighbors whose societies are quickly disintegrating before our eyes, we endure. In spite of Obama and Obamaist anti-Zionism and anti-Americanism, we endure. We endure because together with the small fraction of human society which is still sane, we are the hope of the world against depopulation, neo-paganism and barbarism. And Hashem will help us as he has for the last almost 65 years.

Batya said...

Deborah, goyish, thanks
I agree.
In the Matan Al HaPerek course we're now learning Jerimiyah, and one of the things is how G-d will punish us by letting many Jews die and hoping that the remnants will do teshuva and rebuild a better nation.
Our politicians aren't true Jewish Leaders.
We must pass a bill that terrorists will be executed.

Shiloh said...

Eichah 3:30 is where that saying really comes from, yes, it's a Jewish teaching, not a roman gentile movement teaching.

30. Let him offer his cheek to his smiter; let him be filled with reproach.

Yes, Batya, it's pretty sad here.

Batya said...

Shiloh, it's a frequent refrain in Tanach/Bible.

Anonymous said...

In any interaction it's the party that talks the loudest and the most that is always the most influential, the one ppl always look at and try to respect. We have to scare our ennemies so much with the strength of our iron solid convictions and persevere that they should wanna pee in their pants just by seeing us or hearing the name 'Israel' or 'Israelis' or 'Jews', 'Jewish' !! sorry but some ppl only understand by feeling. With Torah (kedusha) in our hearts we can never lose.

If you're a king, act like one and continue to act like one forever. Who do the ennemies of Israel, the people and the land, think they are ??!

look them straight in the eyes and ask them, "Who do you thin you are, you shmuck ? I'm the Kings of Kings daughter (or son)."

Why are we holy Yehudim giving our ennemies permission to believe otherwise ? That is the question.

Batya said...

Exactly, a, by being nice we lose.

Anonymous said...

Re. Batya said...[4/4/13 07:26]

Exactly, a, by being nice we lose.


Torah says "Een emuna bagoyim", i.e. do not trust goyim. Trusting goyim is an aveira according to the Torah. Trust people who have the same ingrained and inherited values as you, Jews, but not goyim, a people who don't have Torah nor a neshomo (and everthing it means) !! With a goy act like a goy, feed him what he understands!! If you won't he might "throw up" in your face. Holy bros and sis, get this once and for all. We are not them and they are not us. Do not try nor hope to change what can't be changed, ever.