Thursday, April 11, 2013

Israel-Arab One-Sided Ceasefire and American Military Aid

There's that "joke" which asks how do you say "ceasefire" in Arabic...

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Like a very broken record, we've heard Israeli Prime Ministers and defense experts claim that if the Arabs just once break the ceasefire and attack... we'll attack back... Nu, it takes a lot more than one Arab attack, violation of a ceasefire for the Israeli Government to move and protect innocent citizens.

A few short months ago, after we finally tried to defend ourselves from Arab terror attacks, rocket launches against Israelis, the world went wild and forced us into a ceasefire.  Yes, we ceased firing and the Arabs have resumed.  The following is from The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC.)
  • On three separate occasions this past week a number of rockets and mortar shells fell in Israeli territory. The attacks were part of a trend of increasing rocket fire from the Gaza Strip which, in our assessment, is being carried out by rogue terrorist networks, especially those affiliated the global jihad. Hamas continues its policy of restraint, maintained since the end of Operation Pillar of Defense.
  • Violence continues in Judea and Samaria, a manifestation of the so-called "popular resistance." Two Palestinian youths were killed during an attack on an IDF post near Tulkarm. Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of trying to sow anarchy and cause security in Judea and Samaria to deteriorate.

  • How many Arab attacks will it take for Israel to do something?

    Can this be connected to the news that Israel will be getting more shopping coupons aka gift cards aka military aid from the United States?
    According to the numbers published, the United States will provide Israel with $3.4 billion in defense aid, a record number, according to Channel 10.
    The budget proposal submitted to Congress also includes a request for the addition of approximately $220 million to finance the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system, a request that was not included in last year's budget proposal, but was added later on.
    Please don't forget that this "aid" isn't money for Israel to develop and produce weapons and other military equipment.  It isn't money that Israel can spend in the best and most economical way for our defense needs.

    American "aid" is really aid to the ailing American economy.  This is how the capitalist United States can prop up its military industries, and even better for them, when it gives such shopping coupons to Israel, Israel sends its top engineers to check out and improve the American products.

    Food for thought:
    Who really benefits from American military aid? 


    Anonymous said...

    Our government IS paying for these American coupons to buy arms in America. Our government pays for these in the "cheap blood "of our Jewish victims of terrorism.

    Batya said...

    OK, a we'll just call it a scam and we're the suckers.

    goyisherebbe said...

    "Like" on both of the above comments. Our government is not able to "just say no" to American aid on America's terms. In the early days of the US America used to be treated that way by France. See McCullough's excellent biography of John Adams. Adams comes out with the feel of a decent and moral settler lawyer who could be our neighbor down the block.

    Batya said...

    goyish, thanks for the excellent history lesson