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Friday, April 26, 2013

Those Moving Red Lines

Politicians love to claim that they have "red lines," standards that if someone or a country crosses, then, they'll immediately... do whatever they should have done to prevent the horrid, dangerous thing that should happen.

The American Government expended a lot of energy claiming that Israel had just been imagining that Syria used chemical weapons, but now seem to have recognized that a "red line" had been crossed.

I don't understand why all these governments and leaders, politicians etc. wait for the crossing of the dangerous red lines and don't do everything they should to prevent dangerous people from reaching the "red line."  Just call it one of my "dumb questions."  Once these "red lines" have been crossed, there's no real going back.  We're then stuck with a new, horrendously dangerous fait accompli, status quo.
An accomplished fact; an action which is completed before those affected by it are in a position to query or reverse it.

Arlene Kushner wrote a very good article on the situation,  On The Edge.
Yesterday, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor told the Security Council:
"The Iranian nuclear program continues to advance at the speed of an express train," Prosor said. "The international community's efforts to stop them are moving at the pace of the local train, pausing at every stop for some nations to get off and on."

The world is plagued with faux leaders who refuse to take the initiative and prevent disaster.  They keep on hoping that the dangers will just go away in a sort of spontaneous combustion.  And the "leaders" of democratic countries just pray that those dangers will reach their peak after their term of office, so they can blame their unlucky successor. like in the game of "hot potato."

The United States loves to consider its President as "the most powerful man in the world," but at best Obama is offering tiny Israel the "opportunity" to bomb the Iranian reactor.  That makes Barack Hussein Obama and the United States of America the wimpiest country in the world. Their promising not to condemn Israel for doing what they should be doing is not leadership; it's hiding behind mommy's apron.

And no doubt the true enemies of world peace, Iran, Syria and the terrorists making their secret plans are just laughing...


Ruti Mizrachi said...

Reminds me a little of Robin Williams' spoof of "Colonel Gaddafi": "You cross this line, you die..." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_wWCP2HJWs

Batya said...

Ruti, thanks, didn't have time to find it.