Sunday, December 2, 2012

Real Life In Israel, With a Little Help From Friendly Blogs

No doubt that most people find it impossible to envision what life is like for others.  Reading blogs, written by all sorts of ordinary people is an excellent way to find out the truth that the media won't or can't reveal.  There's a true wealth of information in blogs, and most blogs also promote a list of other blogs aka blog roll, which can be clicked to find more and more reading material.

Israelis and the State of Israel, and especially those of us who live in yishuvim, aka "settlements," are routinely, actually constantly vilified in the international media.   Of course, the truth is far removed from what you can easily read or see in the media and that includes the Israeli media which is dominated/controlled by the Left.

I just discovered a totally brilliant video that explains Israel's situation visa vi the world, terrorism, Palestinians etc on West Bank Mama, The Simple Truth.

Don't you agree that it explains the violence perfectly?

A Soldier's Mother tells about the inconveniences and dangers and repercussions about being stuck because of the dangers and fears of Arab terrorism.  As usual she gives examples from real life, living in one of the larger Jewish cities in YESHA, Ma'ale Adumim.  To think that thousands of Israelis can suddenly find themselves held hostage by the threat of Arab terrorism.  The gates become locked and there's no way out.

The blogger from across the street is also the mother of soldiers, and she just posted about the experiences of one of her sons who had been called as one of the reservists who had expected to destroy the terror infrastructure in Gaza.

My friend Miriam, who lives in the south of Israel, and knows too well, what it's like to run/sprint for shelter at all times of the day and night, writes here about the recent ceasefire. Unfortunately, nobody in the Israeli Government or the world really cares about the ordinary citizen.

Now that we're getting into election mode, we'll be haring all sorts of campaign platitudes from political wannabes, who claim to care.  But unfortunately, we know much too well, that once they have the power and are elected to the Knesset, most will use it to stake their claim on cabinet posts and all the perks.  Then the Prime Minister, who will most probably be Binyamin Netanyahu, will hold them very tightly in his noose and control them as skillfully as the best of puppeteers.


Leah said...

Unfortunately, the video is brilliant, truthful.

Batya said...

Will those who don't already understand be willing to watch it?