Thursday, December 27, 2012

Israel and the Christmas Spirit

Posted by JewishIsrael

C'mon, let's face it. Christmas season was not a bad time of year for most committed Jews growing up in America. We sincerely wished friends and neighbors "happy holidays", took in the sights and sounds, and enjoyed witnessing the generous spirit of the season.

Most importantly, we learned, as Jews, to walk and draw defined lines between faiths with dignity.

Yet even with those positive memories, once in Israel, many of us found the absence of Christmas and Easter trappings and culture to be incredibly liberating. A sense of peace and joy came over us as we settled-in as Jews in our own land, with our own heritage and unadulterated holidays taking center stage.

But in recent years, the Christmas culture is making determined inroads in Israel.  How do Jews in a Jewish and democratic state, which depends heavily upon pro-Israel Christian tourism, welcome non-Jewish visitors during their holiday season without compromising the foundations and principals of our faith?

Well, based on the number of faux pas rung up in the last couple of weeks by our government representatives, activists and writers, we could do a lot better. JewishIsrael looks at an embarrassing and worrying situation...more


Batya said...

Thanks for posting this here. I agree with your assessment.

Alan said...

Axiom number 1: Hebrew-ethnic people are in the Land of Israel by virtue of a Divine Revealed Command.

Axiom Number 2: Hebrew-ethnic persons have certain (positive & negative) obligations on their shoulders appurtenant to that Revealed Command; aside from that, they can do as they see fit. If they want to walk around looking ridiculous in black fur hats - it's not forbidden.

Axiom Number 3: Also appurtenant to the Revealed Command, the ethnic-Hebrew people are the "Alpha Males" in Eretz-Yisrael; all others are subject to being (within the realm of decency) manipulated for the benefit of the Alphas.

Inference Number 1: If it would suit the convenience of the ethnic-Hebrew people, the (say as an example) Egyptian Coptic-Notzrim and any other similar group can be received, and either civilly-integrated with the secular functionality of the country physically within its unitary-geographic-space; or ALTERNATELY, emplaced in lawful Protectorates where it is convenient. The USA to this day maintains lawful Protectorate relations with the tiny Melanesian countries such as Marshal Islands & Palau; there are also other lawful arrangements such as the USA maintains with American Samoa (the Samoans are American "nationals" who can fly to USA without a passport, but are not "citizens" - ie, they only vote within their municipalities on that island).

Inference Number 2: Just as the Ottoman Sultan did, and the Aztec emperor did, and (apparently) David and Solomon did - the Alpha group can move the Protected group into locations where it is convenient for the Alphas. SAY FOR EXAMPLE: an Eastern one-third of Gaza, seized, and de-facto handed over to a Coptic Autonomous government. Well, that is exactly what the Americans DID DO with the Kurds in northern Iraq!!

This is NOT a call for a creation of a new "dhimmi-tude" over Notzrim. It is a call for an Alpha group to prove that they have an Alpha mentality, by acting like the boss of the neighborhood.

Inference Number 3: In such a circumstance, it is also the Hebrew Royal Family's (= the Israeli government and its security organs) perogative to make sure that nutjob elements within the dat-Moshe campfires, are not allowed to disturb the Coptic Christian fiestas or idol-worship. These things are allowed there at the pleasure of, and for the convenience of, the Hebrew Royal Family.

Folks who don't like that, can move out of the Kingdom. Brooklyn has some wonderful neighborhoods!!

Shy Guy said...

Hey, Alan, still hungover from your New Years party?

Alan said...

>> Hey, Alan, still hungover from your New Years party?

I was in a military duty status, on a ship at sea, at that particular moment. No alcohol onboard.

What were ==you== doing, spending time pretending that were moments in Eretz-Israel history when there only dat-Moshe people lived therein? Because that idea is complete historical nonsense. Before they worshipped Jesus, they were worshipping Ashtarte (or worse). But they were always present. Always. Always. It ==is== normal. People who don't like that should go to Monsey NY.