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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chanukah, The Lesson That Never Ends

The basic lesson, story of Chanukah is that the dominant world culture wants us Jews to totally assimilate, and that although we are a small nation, we really have the power to defy and defeat them.  That's it in a nutshell.

The really crucial thing here is that we must believe, recognize that we don't need the world's approval for anything we do.  The United States and other world powers/busybodies can yelp all they want threatening us with all sorts of things, but the truth is that only G-d is supreme.

The more we look to foreigners for approval, the less approval we'll get from them.  The United States doesn't want us to survive and our economy to thrive, so when we build homes for Israelis, because it's our Land and the market demands more housing, we'll get complaints from the Americans, big deal.
The United States on Monday condemned Israeli plans to build homes in East Jerusalem, and the Palestinian Authority threatened to appeal to the United Nations Security Council over the move.

The USA doesn't have the right to judge us.  They are responsible for encouraging Arab terrorism against innocent Israeli civilians.
A group of 24 Israelis holding American citizenship, including victims of terror, filed a lawsuit recently against the US government over its funding of terrorism through allocations to the West Bank and Gaza.

I know some of the people involved with the case.

All of the governments, international bodies, NGO's, NPO's etc who support the Pseudostinians aka Palestinians sic  must take responsibility, legal, financial and moral for Arab terrorism.

We always hear more protests and complaints about our building homes for Jews in Israel than we hear condemnations of Arab terrorism.  Read Arlene Kushner's articles about what is really going on.  Her site is among the better ones with lots of well researched articles.

Another must read/subscribe to is David Bedein's  Israel Resource News Agency, which has crucially important articles. 

Many of the news sites just repeat each others' reports which they get from the larger news agencies.  So if you want to really understand you must read other sites.

And for the final part of the Chanukah message, that we can defeat our enemy, please remember that Jewish History is thousands of years long and still going strong.  Our ancient enemies have long disappeared; the same goes for the more recent ones, like the Nazis.  Soon, they will join the Ancient Greeks of the Chanukah story.

The secret of our survival is our belief in G-d and keeping G-d's commandments, not in modern armaments.  Yes, we must use weapons, but they will only be successful and effective if we do it in the Name of G-d, because He commanded us.


rutimizrachi said...

"The more we look to foreigners for approval, the less approval we'll get from them."

Indeed. We need only look at the example of the Arab nations for evidence of the truth of this. What exactly do they do to win the approval of foreign nations? Nothing. They rant. They protest violently. They demand. But they don't do anything to gain the approval of the West -- and yet they have the West's tacit approval, and even support for their demands and complaints.

Who is wise? He who learns from everyone. Israel needs to learn from her enemies that approval comes to those who strive for it least.

Yocheved Golani said...

What goes around comes around. Gush Katif was built out of sand. Israeli "settlements" are simply towns, villages and cities filled with decent, law-abiding people.

It's too much of a siman for the world to overlook: Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook have Sand in their names. SAND in Hebrew is chol, mundane. Leftists threw the Borei Olam/morality out of the schools and courtrooms, now we are paying horrific consequences. We need ever-increasing rukhniut WORLDWIDE.


Batya said...

Ruti, Yocheved, yes, thanks for commenting