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Monday, December 3, 2012

...And When Will We Ever Learn?

Hat tip: IMRA
Sometimes Pretty much all the time I wonder if there's really just one person steering our ship, the State of Israel.  On one hand there are these grandiose announcements about reacting to the United Nations' recognition of "Palestine" with the building of lots of home for Jews in Land liberated in the 1967 Six Days War, but then at the same time the Israeli Government allows/resumes family visits to imprisoned Arab terrorists.

Considering that at not point has the "PA" whether in Gaza or Ramalla ever proposed a true peace, why do we constantly give them more "good will gestures?"  Israeli citizens are still in danger.

Rocket hits in Israel since the Hamas takeover of Gaza, 2006

Source: ITIC
* As of Nov 27, 2012.
The number of launchings, in our assessment, is about three times greater than the number hits.

The Israeli reaction is insane for sure.

Announcements of new housing/building starts shouldn't have any connection to what is decided on in the United Nations.  We, Israel, as a sovereign state has every right to build homes for Jews throughout the entire country and all Land liberated in wars of defense, which is what the 1967 Six Days War definitely was.

What endangers us the most is our weak-willed apologetic attitude, not the Arab aggression.  The stronger we act, the weaker they will be.  As Dorothy learns in the Wizard of Oz, the power has been within her all along.  Her ruby red slippers are just symbols.  All she must do is make the decision to return home and it will be possible.  She doesn't need to "wizard" to get her home.

Our true security does not rest in the physical material weapons we hold.  Our security is our will and faith in G-d.  The United Nations will never do anything to protect us.  All votes will be in favor of the Arab terrorists.  Expecting anything else is like denying the Laws of Gravity.

Trusting in G-d does not mean ignoring military preparedness.  We must make our efforts in the conventional sense, and once we do that G-d will ensure our victory!


Sandra said...

I agree 100%!
Why is it so difficult for Politicians to see?!

Batya said...

Sandra, good question.

Anonymous said...

People of God will always prevail. Alan Loeffler.

Batya said...

G-d willing