Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gush Shiloh Bloc Elections, מה Ran and Lost

Yesterday was a very historic day.  For the first time ever, we had elections for a Gush Shiloh Bloc Council.  There were two slates running, the "establishment" supported by Moetzet YESHA/Amana type people and an original thinker, my "twin" who is just a couple of days younger than me.  He's the neighbor I can always count on when I need help, like finding someone (his son) to carry a new washing machine up the stairs, lending me a gas canister when we were "all empty" among other miraculous "saves." 


I wish I could say that the underdog won, but he didn't.  I did vote for his party, which had the letters מה.

Here's my husband voting.  No, I didn't ask him who got his vote.  You'll have to ask him that.

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Alan said...

don't worry about his vote. Worry about his internittant habit of finding obscure reasons to have pics of hot babes in bikinis on his website.

I guess that's better than if he'd already lost interest.....