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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rain, Do We Deserve the Blessings? Has It Really Rained "Enough?"

The media here in Israel has been reporting excellent rainfall here in Israel, a great start to the winter.
December 2012 continued to break precipitation records over the weekend, as heavy rainfall across central and northern Israel filled the Sea of Galilee, swelled rivers and streams and brought 60-70 centimeters of snow to the summit of Mount Hermon.
The Sea of Galilee has now seen the largest December increase in the last 20 years*, rising 18 centimeters over the weekend. The Israel Water Authority estimated that the level would rise a further 7 centimeters on Sunday from runoff, bringing the total level to 212 meters below sea level.
The current mark is still an immense three meters, however, below the lake’s “upper red line” – 208.9 meters below sea level — at which the Degania Dam is opened to allow an increased flow into the Jordan and prevent the lake from flooding the city of Tiberias and other towns along its shore.
*emphasis mine
In actuality, I don't think this amount is all that exceptional.  We have had insufficient rain for the past twenty years.  This year's rain isn't all that much compared to what we used to get in a normal year.  It's just after a drought of many years, it seems like a lot.  I remember when heavy rains on Succot weren't rare, and you couldn't make outdoor plans for Chanukah.

Our weather is usually according to the Jewish Calendar, and this is one of the years when the Jewish dates come earlier on the goyish/Christian calendar.  That means that December is more like late-December early January and should be compared to that time of the year.  And when we do that, I don't think the amount of rain and the height of the Kinneret are all that exceptional.

For those who don't know, Israel only gets rain in the winter.  Generally our rainy season, according to the Jewish Calendar, is from just after Succot (early October) until just before Passover (early April.)  It's not unheard of for there to be rain during Succot and even a month after Passover.  I've even experienced quick rainfalls in late August.

Chazal, our sages tell us that the quantity of rain, and its timing, are given by G-d according to how well we the Jewish People keep His Torah and obey the Mitzvot, Commandments.  As an agricultural people, the quantity and timing of the rains are extremely important, crucial for our lives and economy, even today.

Modern life is very water wasting.  The Israeli Government over the years has had been forced to raise the price of water to try to get people to use/waste less.  One of the media encouraged campaign issues against the Likud has been the price of water.  Every day the media here promotes another anti-government special interest group exaggerating government blame for something or other.  Last night they had a tiny group of people, mostly handicapped, claiming that they couldn't afford to take a shower.  They blamed it all on Bibi of course.  That's politics.

But I have no doubt that if we would all respect the Land as a Jewish Land given to us by G-d for living and building for Jews, we'd have more rain, water and even cheaper housing.  Simply put, that's the key.  Israel's "Laws of Nature" are a bit different from what you'll find in the rest of the world.

Everything looks so beautiful after a rain...



Shiloh said...

Nice article, I think its much deeper then simply building. I agree completely we need to build, we need to claim all that is ours. But God sent us this "nonpeople". He told us the reason. So instead of rejoicing in the December rains, we need to see the true cause of the matzav. There is no point even giving the reasons as they always are rejected, even to the point it's halachot not to give the reasons, again a catch 22.

But in God ever sends the answer we as a people will reject it anyway, a catch 22. With Daniel 12 looming time is short. We only have strength when we unite.

Rickismom said...

Yes we definately still need to be careful with our water usage. But people with intellectual disabilities should be extempt from the higher tariff.as would need anyone with chronic conditions that makes extra bathing/laundry necessary.

Batya said...

rm, for sure extra, suitable help, prices etc for those who need, but I guess you don't see the tv new on which every night there is another "Israel is horrible because of Bibi" item.

Shiloh, complicated for sure

Shy Guy said...

Folks we are paying a fortune for the water because the non-people Fakestians are taking water from both Mekorot and the aquifers of Judea and Samaria without paying for it or any planning. And then they waste a tremendous percentage of what they take through a system which leaks out as much as a 3rd of the water used in some Arab towns.

This is what we're paying ever-increasing water prices for. The situation is absolutely absurd. Stupid Jews!

Batya said...

good point shy, thanks

Shiloh said...

The fakestinians are nothing more then a tool of God. What you say is absoulutly true in every sense, what I am trying to relay is God promised them which He did because of our actions. You should not hate them for being programmed for the job they are doing so well you should be looking in the mirror seeing why this ugly ugly stick had to appear. I certainly wish it never came to pass, but now we must deal with the harsh reality and fix the mess we ourselves got into. I know the arguments etc, but we must unite as we are going to begin Daniel chapter 12 in a few short weeks, the time he spoke about. When we unite we will be strong enough to correct the problems, I hope we can find the strength to do it.

Shiloh said...


Here is a great article on Daniel chapter 12. There is another article on Genesis 49:10

We can make a change, but its not going to be easy or comfortable. It all depends on us if we can gather the courage to do it. God will help us, we have to make the first move. I hope you all can see whats been going on is failing, and miserable at that. let's fulfill our destiny and make it happen. Meveen?

Alan said...

>>> But people with intellectual disabilities should be extempt from the higher tariff.as would need anyone with chronic conditions that makes extra bathing/laundry necessary

Slippery slope alert. A liter of water should cost the same for all buyers in the local service area.

The further you walk away from market principles, the faster you get crazy distortions. If you don't believe me, take a look at the salaries of in Rakhevet Israel or in the Ports Authority.

Those who deserve assistance should get straight cash. Not a patchwork helter-skelter system of differential prices which only encourages "working the system".

I'm pretty leery of this "intellectual disabilities". Whining rent-seeker alert!!

Establish lower prices for those, and you'll know what comes next? "Medical Tourism" whereby Israelis travel to cities in Israel or beyond Israel, where the doctor is more sympathetic. Or more interested in the fee than his licensure responisbilities.