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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Re:Bibi's Pledge to Efrat, What About Ofra, Migron, Hebron and the Shomron?

Migron Protest banner
Photo Batya Medad
Moshe Milner/ GPO/Flash90
As the Jewish residents of Gush Etzion bask in Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's promise that Efrat, Gush Etzion will always be part of the State of Israel, I ask them why they didn't confront Bibi and tell him that his leaving out Migron, Hebron, Shiloh, Elon Moreh etc endangers the country and isn't a comfort.  Efrat resident David Bedein wrote:
"Bibi comes to Efrat's Aseh Chayil school Monday, the first day of school, 24 hours before ugly events are planned in Migron.
Silence is not an Option.
Convey a message to Bibi.
"New Migron"
Photo Batya Medad
Pupils and teachers of Aseh Chayal can keep in mind the fate of the 219 children of Migron, who may not have any school or kindergarten to go to in a few days time.
If your child shakes Bibi's hand, ask your child to ask when the Prime Minister will visit the children of Migron."
Friends and family in Efrat and Gush Etzion, please remember that we Jews pray in the plural.  Our security and future are intertwined.  G-d looks at us as one, not just as individuals.  Your homes in Gush Etzion won't be any safer or more secure in any sense of the world than mine in Shiloh or those in Migron. 

We're in this struggle for Jewish sovereignty and Independence and security in the Land of Israel together. 

The State of Israel won't be secure with just Gush Etzion to the south of Jerusalem.  We must annex and populate all of the Biblical Land of Israel starting with the Jordan Valley to the east, Samaria, Golan and Galil in the north, Binyamin-Efrayim in the center and Hebron-Negev in the south.

Why don't you feel the pain of other Jews?  Why aren't you in this together with us?

We all live in Our Land given to Our Jewish People by Our G-d!

It is now the Jewish month of Elul, when we prepare spiritually for the new year, 5773.  Let's pray and act for unity, which is stage one for Redemption and the Coming and Acceptance of the Moshiach Ben David.


Mash said...

If it is OK that an Israeli Bulldozer bulldozes a non-jewish woman who stands in its way to avoid the destruction of an arab home in the Gaza-Strip, is it also OK that an Israeli Bulldozes bulldozes a jewish woman who stands in its way to avoid the destruction of a house in Migron?

Food for thought...

Batya said...

You play with fire and you may get burnt. That type of demonstration is dangerous. When the tank driver can't see the demonstrator he's not at fault.

Mash said...

Well, that's what I'm saying. So are demonstrations against the evacuation of Migron or whatever... Still people take their children there. So if there are casulaties or even fatalities, who is at fault?

Batya said...

Each case is individual.

David Tzohar said...

I would give Bibi the benefit of the doubdt-but then I am a Likudnik saruf so I'm sure you are not surprized. If we have to leave Migron or givat Ulpana today so we can build hundreds of homes all over Yosh tomorrow so be it. Ideologically I believe as you do that every cm of land in Yosh belongs to the Jewish people, but realpolitic dictates how we shouuld go about fulfilling that mandate.
FI in the famous (or infamous) Bar -ilan speech Bibi agreed to a "two state solution) or did he really? In fact he made so many conditions for such a solution that there is absolutely no chance that it will be implemented in the forseeable future. Betachbulot aseh lecha \milchama said the prophet.
The Ichud Ha-leumi can rant with self righteous indignation but the one who really is lookoing out for Eretz Yisrael is Binyamin Netanyahu.

Batya said...

David, after over forty years of friendship, we won't let this disagreement get in the way.

Efrat person said...

The mayor of Efrat is the first religious mayor of a major yishuvim to have made a strategic decision to promote Efrat at the expense of the rest of Yehuda and Shomron. He kept this agenda hidden during the last mayoral election when he was first elected but then started - at first quietly, and now more openly - to promote this agenda. He had a lot of support from the right wing in Efrat last time and will probably lose this support next year. If you dig around this you will find the true story of how a leftist took over Efrat with the support of the far right.

Batya said...

Ep, thanks for revealing the truth. I feel sorry that you're not comfortable revealing your identity. When I worked in Beit El there was a time when some politicians were talking about keeping Beit El and giving Shiloh to the Arabs. I'll never forget how "obnoxious" some fellow employees were telling me I should move to Beit El to be safer, as if that scenario could be safe with Beit El such an easy target from Ramalla, Jelazun etc, G-d forbid. There was no talk about the immorality or idiocy of giving Shiloh to the Arabs.

Hadassa said...

The Land isn't ours to give away, even when we think that we're getting more in return. The link above is an example of how dangerous it is to agree to the promises of politicians.
According to realpolitic Israel can't and shouldn't exist, and therefore realpolitic has very little value.

Batya said...

Hadassa, exactly