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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pretty Limp, as Lynches Go

You know that the Israeli public is looking to make the Right look as bad as possible when traif (forbidden food) eating and Shabbat transgressing President Shimon Peres is quoted saying that the Jewish teens' attack on Arabs goes against Jewish Law.  Nu, what makes him a rabbi?

A few frustrated Jewish teens, emboldened by drink and whatever attacked some Arabs, and suddenly "lynch" is in the headlines.  That was no "lynch." It was pretty weak even as a "gang fight," and it wasn't that, either.  I'm seconding Ruthie Blum by writing about the verbal lynch of those Jewish kids comparing them to the Arab terrorists who  really lynched-murdered the IDF soldiers who had mistakenly made the wrong turn and ended up in Ramalla.

I'm not justifying the attack; I'm just trying to put it in proportion in terms of the violence that does exist, especially in the Arab World.

Dry Bones
I work with Arabs all the time and see the family dynamics, how parents keep their kids "in line" and older siblings treat the younger ones.  No doubt that if the Israeli media, politicians and others hadn't made such a fuss with all the "lynch" cries, this attack would have blown over. 

Also, just think about how wimpy those Jewish kids are.
 "There were around 40 to 50 youths there and anyone nearby beat him." (complete article)

If there really were forty or fifty Jewish kids attacking, and no Arabs died, it couldn't have had been a very serious attack.  Think about it.

As usual, we Jews are held to "standards" that nobody else is.  "We" as a people, country, culture, society make ridiculous demands on ourselves to follow the Christian doctrine to "turn the other cheek" when attacked, although no Christian would seriously do so.

We Jews in Israel, as individuals and as a state are constantly under attack, threat of annihilation, and the Left controlled media, academia and politicians keep pretending that we're as safe and protected as Switzerland.

To survive, we must get real.


goyisherebbe said...

Once again the world disingenuously refuses to recognize the obvious. So what else is new? That is dog bites man and hence not news. I hope we get a better president after Peres. May Peres do teshuva if he is capable of it anymore, which I wonder about.

NormanF said...

Its time for another round of Why Aren't The Jews Perfect spin from Israel's self-absorbed elite.

Of course we know if Jews aren't like Mother Theresa, its their fault!

Like this is this going to make the Arabs love the Jews! All the Jewish breast-beating and liberal guilt in the world won't eliminate the Arab hatred of the Jews.

And when Israeli leaders bash the Jews for being "racist" you gotta wonder whether maybe they really do believe Israel is a country somewhere in Europe.

Eliyahu S. said...

@Batya - Thanks for clarifying the facts for me. While I was on vacation I kept hearing snatches of "lynch," "lynch," and I thought for sure someone had to be dead. Now I understand that the only "lynch" that went on was the Pathetic President's character assassination of all Jews with his craven kowtowing.

@GoyisheRebbe - He would have to become Jewish before he could do Teshuva. I suspect that Peres is about as Jewish as Obama is American.

LondonMale said...

This will hopefully act as a spur to encourage the Jerusalem authorities to act on the growing youth problem around Kikar Zion. Too many teenagers wandering around with little to do. Some parents have formed groups to go out and supervise the kids, but there should be youth clubs and other activities provided to harness that youthful energy in the correct way.

Batya said...

I agree with all of you.
And Eliyahu love your "Peres is about as Jewish as Obama is American."

Amy said...

Wow, this was incredibly offensive. I completely agree with you - lynch is a word that has a very specific cultural context and does not apply here. Lets call it what it was - a racially motivated mob beating. 40 or 50 Jewish youths beat one Arab teenager and you're upset they didn't kick him hard enough? He was in a coma. He likely would have died if not for a few true heroes at the scene who attempted to help him.
Violence, against anyone, is never acceptable. Have we really sunk that low that we're justifying (as much as you'd like to claim you're not) violence by saying "well, they do it to." And the firebombing of a car full of Palestinians - for which 12 and 13 year olds were arrested - that was just a few drunk teenagers having a good time, right?
And you're mad at Peres? I'm no rabbi, but I'm quite sure Jewish law does include a mandate to not kill. Anybody else?
"We Jews in Israel, as individuals and as a state are constantly under attack... to survive, we must get real."
To survive, we must hold ourselves to the highest possible standard. We must never raise children who find physical violence against others acceptable, or even heroic. Although, reading this post, it seems easier to understand how children like that can grown up in this country, with parents unable to teach them simple right from wrong.

Batya said...

Don't read into this. I "upset they didn't kick him hard enough." I just pointed out that those Jewish kids aren't good/effective street fighters or the Arab kid would have been dead. That's a fact for sure, totally objective.

Jewish Laws do mandate killing those trying to destroy us. It's a Milchemet Mitzvah, commanded war. Saul lost his kingship because he didn't kill all of the Amaleks including their king. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_did_God_lose_favor_with_King_Saul

Don't rewrite the Bible.

Those kids shouldn't have attacked the Arabs, but the media and politicians shouldn't have made it into a "lynch" case.

Amy said...

Oh, so we should kill anyone of Arab descent, and ask questions later? Yeah, I'm the one rewriting the Bible.
Would you be proud of your son or grandson if he'd been one of the 40 or 50?

Batya said...

I did not say that. You did.