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Monday, August 6, 2012

Common Sense From Former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld:
 "Sanctions have not influenced the Iranian regime."
Photo credit: AFP
Although I think it's too late  for the bombing/destruction of the Iranian nuclear industry to be truly effective or possible, and I don't like the idea that it's solely Israel's responsibility, I'm glad to hear that  Former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld agrees with me that Israel shouldn't show its cards.

I highly recommend listening to Rumsfeld's Fox interview.

Of course the cynic in me knows much too well that opinions stated like those of Rumsfeld are only said by people out of office.

We all know that pretty much, if not all, American Presidential nominees state that the United States should move its embassy to Jerusalem, Israel's stated capital city, but once in office, that pledge is quickly forgotten.  Even Barack Hussein Obama said that when he was first running for the presidency, but we all know that  once elected we saw the real Obama.

That's why I keep saying that we can't trust campaign promises and speeches. Politicians will say virtually anything to get elected.  Talk is cheap.  They are politicians not idealists, unless you consider it an "ideal" to get elected.

You also can't trust formal speeches in foreign countries and special interest events.  They are usually written by specialists, script-writers, who are hired to write a speech for that event which will receive tons of applause.  The speeches are not truly policy.  Policy is just policy, whatever the office holder actually does, not what he/she says.  That includes being aware that the "spin doctors" are just guessing what's behind the words.  Words from politicians don't count.  Think of it as ad copy.  Their aims are to sell.  That's their job.

Just like you must check ingredients when shopping, because "natural," "lite" and "no fat" don't necessarily mean healthy, look at the actions and body language of your politicians when deciding for whom to vote.  And if you don't have the power of the vote, just consider them all con artists.  Even the best of them will never be 100% honest.

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