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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Long Before The Europeans Discovered the "Americas..."

However long you want to say that the world, the planet earth, has existed, that's how long there have been two enormous continents between Europe and Asia.  They are known today as the American continents, North and South.  Just over five hundred years ago, half  a millennium, European sailors developed the technology to "discover" and subsequently invade and conquer them.  The European shipping powers of the time, Britain, Spain, France, Portugal and Holland divided them up between themselves, not always very peacefully.

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Over the centuries since the "discovery," various wars and treaties have resulted in quite a number of countries and a few remaining colonies.

Long before that all took place, the patriarch Abraham heard G-d, and then his descendants became the Jewish People and then a Nation and Kingdom half-way across the world.  We Jews still exist, and we're back in our Holy Homeland as the State of Israel.

As countries go, the State of Israel may seem to be a young country, since it was established just under sixty-five years ago, but the truth is that we're just the modern version of the ancient kingdom ruled by King David, King Solomon and many others thousands of years ago.

We are the same Jewish People, the subject of the Bible that is still followed by us and adopted by the much younger religions, Christianity and Islam.

The world would be a lot safer a place if all those younger countries, like the United States, would just respect its elder.

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Just a short lesson in history and morality for you.

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