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Friday, August 17, 2012

Jewish Israel Summer Update

Posted by Jewish Israel

Rabbi Riskin's Parasha commentary finds unity in the Shema, the trinity, and buddhism

Could Rabbi Shlomo Riskin's recent video on Parashat Vaetchanan place a question mark in the hearts and minds of Jews over the issue of what constitutes idolatry? Rabbi Riskin feels that the Shema is a verse which is "difficult to understand". He offers two interpretations, one of which appears to give credence to "unity" in the form of the Trinity, Buddhism and Hinduism. Jewish Israel turned to some rabbinic scholars for clarification…more


Open wide and and say "Jesus"

Reverend Dr. Jonathan Hansen of World Ministries International is an end-times "prophet" and an in-your-face missionary. Hansen has been actively proselytizing in Sderot, Israel. He hopes to set up a missionary dental clinic in cooperation with the Sderot municipality. Hansen's website proudly displays his numerous connections with Israeli political, rabbinic and community leaders and activists. He sells interviews with these personalities in order to support and promote his missionary efforts...more

Israel's Ministry of Education provides license for Christian missionary camp

Israel's Ministry of Education recently granted a business license to known missionaries to operate a summer camp in Northern Israel. It seems that a number of government bodies in Israel are recklessly churning out permits and authorizations to our "Christian friends", while turning a collective blind eye to youth-oriented missionary activity in the Jewish state. Jewish Israel offers a disturbing sampling of recent developments and activities designed to fuel a jesus revolution among Israeli youth. And it's been a very hot summer…more


Batya said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I'm prould to be part of Jewish Israel's efforts to help save the Jewish People.

ellen said...

Thank you, Batya.
Jewish Israel hasn't posted on this blog for a while, because we're working on some very lengthy and involved reports. Will certainly keep you posted.

Shabbat Shalom.