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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fellow Israelis, We're All "Settlers"

It really blows my mind that so many Israelis think that they have more rights to their homes in other parts of Israel than I have to mine here in Shiloh.  They absolutely hate it when our enemies lump us all together in the same illegal sic category.  They consider themselves more acceptably "kosher*" than I am.
Modiin residents: We're not settlers
What's so awful about being a "settler?"  Aren't we all settlers?

My neighbor's niece wrote and performs a one-actor play called in which she keeps asking if we're from the Holocaust.  She was certainly born many decades after the Nazis were destroyed, but she concludes that we're all "from the Holocaust."  And I think it's time for the Israeli Government to fully understand and make it clear to all Israelis that according to our enemies, Arabs and others alike, we are all settlers, wherever in the Land of Israel we live.

Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut (Photo: GPO)
Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut (Photo: GPO)
The Israeli Government's reaction to the European Union's categorizing  Modi'in, Maccabim and Re'ut localities as "settlements" ignores the true issue.  Trying to play a game of "border tweaking" won't help, because the true issue is much greater than what Israel perceives as "an integral part of Israel, and their future is not in question."

"The world" doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist as a truly independent country.  They don't recognize/accept our choice of Capital City, Jerusalem.  These are all parts of the very same issue.

Only when the State of Israel stops trying to curry favor with other countries, stops this pathetic groveling will we be an independent country.  We must more than just verbally kvetch about the continued insults.

It's time to realize that we owe our independence to G-d and our long history, not to the United Nations and its member countries.

*not kosher in the food sense, just kosher as universally acceptable, as if the Arabs accept Jews and Jewish sovereignty in places like Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheva, Kfar Saba and other pre-1967, or more accurately described as "1948-1967 Israel."  Because there never was a distinction between Shiloh and Beersheva or Haifa and Hebron before then.


rutimizrachi said...

"Only when the State of Israel stops trying to curry favor with other countries, stops this pathetic groveling will we be an independent country." Agreed.

Peter said...

Did you ever read how you write about the left in Israel? Why should they feel any solidarity with you? You don't feel any with them!

Batya said...

Peter, I'm not advocating throwing Jews out of their homes, and the Left is doing that. But it's obvious that you read and understand according to your agenda and not what's written at all.

Ruti, we're on the same side, B"H

Hadassa said...

Uri Orbach, MK "Jewish Home" Party, and resident of Modi'in has proudly accepted the label "settler". Apparently he's in the minority.
MEMRI, CAMERA and other organizations do the world a great service by translating items in the Arabic media into other languages. The Arabs openly call for a "return" to Haifa, Yaffo (Jaffa), Acco (Acre) and many other cities well within the "Green Line", but virtually always only in Arabic. Also, how many people notice that the BSD chant is "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free", in other words the ENTIRE State of Israel?

Batya said...

Hadassa, that's an important message, which I blog frequently.

Miriam said...

I live in the South of Israel in the Negev and I am a settler! And for the honour [ it is an honour] and privilege of making Aliyah, my Yishuv has been the precipitant of Grad missiles. My grandchildren have been terrified! My house rocks and rolls from constant booming. My dog suffers from anxiety from all the noise...

We are all settlers..yes, you in Tel Aviv too...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Batya for your important blog.
As I sit Chu"l reading the comments of my SISTERS 'back home' particularly Miriam's, I shudder. Yes I have been around and lived thru the six-day war [and all those that have followed, since]... I continue to pray for your welfare. Batya I remember well their catch-cry b/4 June '67. So what has changed? Not that much. Wake up Pollies! This stuff isn't 'just about' Israel.
It is also about Bondi Beach, too. Believe me.. As well as Europe, America and Goodness only knows where else.
Hold your heads high! Don't allow senseless divisions to distract you from the main issue at hand!
From the dawn of time it was "Eisav Sonei et Yaa'kov"! And ever since the Israelite have settled [sic] in The Promised Land it belongs to the Jewish People. It is Ours!
Why? "Ki pi Hashem diber" for Hashem Himself has promised. HASHEM HAS PROMISED The land to the children of Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaa'kov!
Indeed, how right are the words to the song in the(long forgotten?) film EXODUS: "This land is mine, G-d gave this land to me!" ETC.

Netivotgirl said...

Wonderful blog post, Batya. I agree 100% with every word. Like Miriam, I've been a 'settler' in Netivot (also often rocketed) since my aliyg in '78 and proud of it. It's about time our leaders stopped fearing foreign leaders' reactions to their plans. Our gov't should do one thing alone: take care of OUR people here, regardless of ramifications from foreign nations. As Anon. said,'Eisav Sonei et Ya'akov.' No matter what we do, we'll always be in the wrong in the eyes of the world!

Batya said...

Miriam, Netivotgirl, yes, the Arab terror attacks on you and your homes are proof that pre-1967 Israel is also in danger and not accepted by the Arabs.

s, yes, if we in Israel are in danger, even moreso Jews all over the world. Thanks for your kind and supportive words.