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Friday, August 31, 2012

Israel Needs a "Breitbart News" to Replace the Extreme Left Media

I'm not sure when, but at some point I found a mysterious  email appearing in my inbox, Breitbart.  At first I just deleted and ignored it.  I delete a lot of letters, spam and others that once may have interested me, but I don't have all day and night to check email.  Then I began seeing references and links to it in other places.  I became curious, and now, sometimes I read their newsletter digests and even click to read their articles.

If you haven't yet taken a look, it's the American Right muckraking in the dirt of the Left.  Breitbart is a very attractive, professional news organization with an agenda, American Right, pro-Republican, the internet's antidote for the New York Times etc.

Breitbart claims to have stopped the "occupy movement" in its tracks:
How Andrew Breitbart Stopped Occupy

I don't know true that is, because the Israeli version, aka "social justice" had a disappointing summer, that is after their supporters started committing suicide a la Vietnamese, even though the Israeli media tried to drum up support and sympathy.

No doubt some of you may try to tell me that here in Israel we have Arutz 7, but I'm sorry to tell you that Arutz 7 hasn't turned out to be what it had started to be.  There was a time when it looked like Arutz 7 could pull it off.  The Arutz 7 radio could be heard all over, even in buses.  The legendary Adir Zik's weekly radio show  was one of Israel most popular.  And then the Israel Government, Likud of course, put on the muzzle and then the noose
Likud emphasizes such Israeli nationalist themes as the use of the Israeli flag and the victory in the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. Likud publicly endorses press freedom and promotion of private sector media, which has grown markedly under governments Likud has led. A Likud government headed by Ariel Sharon, however, closed the popular right-wing pirate radio station Arutz 7 ("Channel 7"). Arutz 7 was popular with the Jewish settler movement and often criticised the government from a right-wing perspective.

The surviving version of Arutz 7, post-lobotomy, has turned into a very sectarian National Religious Party aka Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) platform.

And that's why I and others still blog, not that I have the power, backing or even ambition to be a Breitbart.  So, if you agree with what I write, then please share the articles and links far and wide.  Thanks


goyisherebbe said...

The closing of Arutz-7 was part of the preparation for the expulsion from Gush Katif. Getting opposition radio out of the way and planning the psychological preparation of the troops to carry out the expulsion were all there way before the plan was released to the public. It didn't just happen suddenly because Sharon found himself in a scandal. The scandal may have come to the fore as part of the plan as well.

Batya said...

good point, thanks

Alan said...

I read israelnationalnews.com (It's a web version of A7) 6 days a week. It seems to be at 20% comprised of "yichus gossip about guys who think that the Torah commands us to wear fur hats, plenty of whom don't want to leave their food-stamp-scamming-in-Monsey".

lol ha-kvod to any community which produces a high percentage of kravi'im, but let's face it.... they hit their glass ceiling quite some time ago, with respect to inspiring any non-FFB'ers to get back on the derekh. Mr FrumSatire could have a good run needling you guys. Wouldn't run out of material for LONG time.

And by the way, the Roman-Catholic-filipino families from South Tel Aviv ===do=== have a higher percentage of kids holding a teudat-lokhem than y'all do.

Batya said...

Alan, A7 doesn't really have a "news team." It just paraphrases news it finds from the interet.