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Friday, August 17, 2012

Israel's Long and Dangerous Southern Border

Two explosions shake Eilat in suspected Grad rocket attack

No injuries or damage reported in suspected missile attack from Sinai • Explosions were away from tourist areas, and holidaymakers undeterred by blasts

Police and firefighters were dispatched to the presumed site of the rocket attacks on Wednesday.
Sinai terror threat is still a major concern.
Photo credit: AFP
 This isn't all that rare an occurrence.  We don't have true peace with Egypt, nor Jordan and certainly not with the Gazan Arab terrorists.
Egyptian television series raises concerns in Israel
08/16/2012 00:53

Welcome to the world of Firqat Naji Atallah, this year’s most popular Ramadan program.

Scene from Egyptian TV show ‘Firqat Naji Atallah'
Photo: Screenshot
They smuggle themselves into Gaza from Egypt via the tunnels, attend the funeral of a missile-launching Islamic terrorist, then pass into Israel dressed as a huddle of hassidim on the bus. They then rob Bank Leumi in Tel Aviv, fleeing with the money to the northern border, where they are captured by Hezbollah, which jumps at the chance to announce to the world that it has captured eight Israeli hostages.
If it sounds a little fantastic, stay tuned. The plot only thickens and lengthens, bringing in the politics of Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, stretching the bounds of believability and blurring the lines between political commentary and outright absurdity.
As we all should know, people take television fantasies much too seriously, identifying with the characters and plots.  TV is a great tool for brainwashing, for making extreme ideology look human and fun.

Take a look at this map of Israel.  Look at Israel's southern border, or more exactly borders.

None of Israel's neighbors can be considered "friends." 

Jordan hasn't joined in on a war against Israel out of pragmatic fear.  Prior to June, 1967, it illegally held onto Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley without doing anything to develop those areas.  Electricity, watter, sewers and telephones were brought in by Israel.  When we moved to Shiloh in 1981, the nearby Arab towns went dark every night when they turned off their generators.  Their phones were old operator style, not direct dialing.  All modern technological development and services were due to Israel.

Considering how much trouble Egypt is having with security in the Sinai, the potential for danger is even worse for Israel.  The Egyptian Government has its hands full trying to make things safer.  At this point Egypt is more in danger than Israel, but once the terrorists, G-d forbid, take over they will concentrate on Israel.  And the terrorists are part of the Iranian plan to destroy us.

It's the job of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his government to do what's best for Israel and stop asking the world for permission and advice.

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