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Friday, August 10, 2012

Casting Call! VP for Romney

I don't envy the Republicans.  Their victory over Obama (the Democrats) rests on whomever they choose as Mitt Romney's running mate.  Being here in Israel and having no plans to vote absentee ballot, I'm just a very interested observer.  Ever since I was a child I loved politics, and the American system with two major parties can be very entertaining.

Four years ago, the Republicans went for beauty to distract form the obviously elderly McCain and chose the unknown Sarah Palin.  Since then, she and her family have become minor celebrities and great headline grabbers for the tabloids, but too few people wanted her to be in power.  They were trounced by Obama.

For months now, Romney has been campaigning on his own while his staff and the Republican big shots are searching the fifty states for the perfect running mate, a man or woman of any color who will add more votes to the Republican tally.

Post-Palin, more and more Americans seem aware that a Vice Presidential nominee should be a person you'd want to see as President.

People of my generation and older remember that the Democrats were lucky that Lyndon B. Johnson was Jack Kennedy's Veep, even though the Kennedy's didn't like him.  It was LBJ who actually passed all those bills credited to Kennedy.  He, Johnson, was the true politician with the smarts and experience.  The Kennedy-Nixon race was very close, and I wonder if Johnson could have beaten Nixon if their roles had been reversed.

The Democrats don't seem to be planning on changing their formula.  Four years ago their victory was so large, even if quite a number of Americans are now very disenchanted with Barack Hussein Obama, they're counting on their strong core of supporters to bring another victory.

It will most probably be a close race this time.  The Romney Republicans are much better organized and financially backed than McCain's crew was.  Four years ago I think that the Bush machine sabotaged McCain; they certainly made Palin look worse and unsuitable for office.  It was very foolish of them and unprofessional.

The deadline for the choice of Vice Presidential running mate is getting close.  The casting directors must make a decision already.  It's time to start shooting the picture.

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