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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Israeli Strike on Iranian Nuclear Site, Past Expiration Date

I'm sick and tired of all this talk of an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear development.  It's just too late.  It's like eating a very healthy food that has long since passed its expiration date; it can kill you!

It may have had been a good idea for Israel or any other daring country to have attacked the location of the Iranian nuclear industry a number of years ago without any prior announcements.  But we've long since passed that time.  For a more benign example of why it's wrong, consider it like saving a special outfit for your child for a very special occasion, saving it year after year and by the time you try to put it on, of course it doesn't fit.

Credit: Reuters/Ronen Zvulun
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu should know the value of surprise and secrecy when it comes to military plans.  He had served in Israel's most elite fighting unit, Sayeret MatKal.  I just don't understand how as Prime Minister he has forgotten those most important lessons.

All of this talk and announcements and negotiations and debates and talk and warnings etc about an impending attack have only given the Iranians time and target to use against us.

Netanyahu is endangering the State of Israel by taking this ridiculous route. 

Just like if you discover that the food you had planned on cooking has gone bad, you make a new menu, he should be doing the same.

United States President Barack Hussein Obama does not have any military experience.  Of course, he'll campaign that he's responsible for the capturing and executing of Osama Bin Ladin, but he was just lucky to be in the Oval Office at the right time.

Netanyahu's adding of Former Shin Bet chief Avi Dicter to his over-stuffed cabinet won't really give us added security.  We don't need more bandaids.  We need intelligent policies.  And as Ruthie Blum writes, a "Palestinian" State will only add to our problems dangers.

In the Prayer for the State of Israel said in many synagogues all over the world, we ask G-d to give our leaders wisdom.  Let's all pray together for that.


Peter said...

The monster of Loch Ness is never past expiration date when the newspapers need to fill their pages during the summer months. Or is it? And was replaced by air strike against Iran????

Leah said...

I agree with you. For some reason there is a new? phenomenon taking place. We see it is America, too. The announcement of plans, the details and the times in the public. Unbelievable. Simply incredulous. It's like, "Do you want to give the enemy the keys to the building along with those plans, too?"
I almost expect, well, yeah it would probably happen, too, that the media will show up, set up video and wait ahead of time for any attack that may happen because, wellllll. they and half the whole whole world knew about the details and blah blah blah.....and yes it is wayyyyyy past it's expiration date.

Peter said...

Remember how upset the media were when they could not get enough photos of ben laden's killing? Nor the pictures of the dead body??? That's exactely the situation you describe... "Excuse me, mr. Ben laden, we will set up a few TV-Cameras here, just ignore us, the navy seals will be here soon to kill you... we just have to find better lighting... smile into the camera..."

Batya said...

Leah, really frightening.
Peter, all events are a photo-op

Dov Bar-Leib said...

There are two problems regarding not making announcements in advance.

1. It is necessary to prepare the Home Front so that people will get gas masks, check out their sealed rooms in older buildings, and prepare their bomb shelters. Too many people on the Coast until now have simply not been ready. Now they actually will get ready. In order to prepare the Home Front, announcements must be publicly made in advance. This will be an offensive that could result is numerous casualties. People simply have to be prepared.

2. This is especially problematic because this offensive may last for several weeks and who knows if it will explode into a World War where Iran will close the Strait of Hormuz and other actions. Apparently there is no constructive dialogue taking place with the desolate Obamanation. So fair warning must be given so that Israel's so-called ally will have a chance to support the move, at least until the election. This is a difficult move for a man like Netanyahu who does not have enough faith to simply leave it in G-d's hands. He would really like American support. Yet, when there is no constructive dialogue, this is the only way to get America's POTUS to take notice. Yes, it is bizarre, but Bibi is in uncharted waters for a secular personality. He does not know how to take on a great evil while he is totally alone in the world. He is not sure that the awesome Guardian of Israel will assist him in this effort. Without that confidence, one seeks public foreign support before realizing that no such support is forthcoming. This is a work in progress.

Batya said...

Dov, you don't get it. If there hadn't been these years of useless threats, then the Iranians wouldn't be planning an attack on us in Israel.
All this verbal posturing has just put Israel in the Iranian target causing a need to prepare. Now do you get it?

Dov Bar-Leib said...

1. I have only been here for nine years. So I have only witnessed 9 years of how a faithless and feckless Ashkenazic secular constituency reacts to imminent threats. They do not turn to a G-d in which they do not believe. They wait for white knights or should I say red, white, and blue knights to save them. So now they are in a bind, and still 60% of them are waiting for the red, white and blue knight. I did not expect anything until crunch time. Their avodah zarah of World or American public opinion is simply too powerful in their minds.

2.Also as long as American troops were in Iraq, an attack against Iran was not possible. Our American saviors would have shot down the Israeli jets!!

Howard said...

Israel, and Jews in the Diaspora, have been in the Iranian gunsights ever since the Islamic Revolution in the late 1970's.

Batya said...

Dov, I had never thought of your second point. interesting
Howard, the USA was their main enemy