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Monday, February 6, 2012

Weather, No Guess-Work

Most people have totally inaccurate concepts of how cold and how much rain etc.  There are two things I've learned about the weather in my forty-one years here in Israel:
  1. The longer a person has lived here, the more likely he'll claim that there "never was a spring/fall/winter/summer like this one."
  2. No matter what the weather, hot, cold, dry or wet, the farmers will demand compensation from the government, because "the weather was bad for the crops/our planing schedule."
Last night the tv "weather maivens" were telling us that there's great news.  The Kineret (Israel's fresh-water lake) has reached the lowest permitted/recommended level weeks earlier than last year.  Of course, they sort of fudged about saying that it's still at a dangerously low level, and we're using more water than can possibly get rained in, but do you really expect the hard truth from the media?  They won't admit that their pet Abbas is pro-terrorism and that here's no real difference between Fatah and Hamas, so why should they make it clear that growing grassy lawns is a dangerous water-waster and should be banned, unless people use recycled water like from the washing machine or dishwasher.

Mateh Binyamin, the Benjamin Regional Council, in which Shiloh is located has made the guesswork about rain, temperature etc a thing of the past.  On its Internet site you'll find a page (in Hebrew only) indicating how much rain, wind, cold spells, strong sun etc there has been each day in each community, or general area. 

Shiloh has its page.  So I can actually find out how much rain fell on a particular day or week.

Now the real challenge would be finding out a way to show us how much water we're wasting...

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