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Monday, February 20, 2012

To Caroline Glick, Mazal Tov and Much More. The Root of Anti-Semitism

Caroline Glick, writer of all those great opinion pieces in the Jerusalem Post and founder of Latma gave birth to a baby recently.  That hasn't stopped her from writing, at least on her site.

Her latest article is about the anti-Israel/Semitism found in her old alma mater, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and other esteemed universities.  I wrote a comment about her post, but, as usual, the comment company rejected it.  Here's the comment:
First of all, MAZALTOV! There's nothing more important than children. Considering the unabashed anti-Semitism/Israel nonsense being taught in all shades, sizes and "classes" of universities, it makes it easier to understand how the Nazis had no problems getting away with their anti-Jewish policies.
We must take very seriously that the ideology of anti-Semitism/Israel is strongly rooted in academic life and lore in the western, Christian world.  That's because the basic concept of Christianity is to replace Judaism.  It doesn't matter that today many some Christian theologians recognize that it's not "pc" to say things like that, so they coat it with more acceptable and incomprehensible phraseology.

Just by the Christians' calling their bible the "New Testament" as opposed to the Jewish "Old Testament" is simple proof. The original Bible which chronicles the creation of the world by G-d and man's discovery of G-d's powers, the development of the Jewish religion and People and History and attachment to the Holy Land, does not need revision.

G-d makes it very clear that no man can be G-d.

The very basis of Christianity that Jesus is G-d and should be worshipped is against G-d's commandments.

According to the Christian religion, non-believers, that is those who don't believe in Jesus, are cursed to rot in hell, so they will do anything to "save" us.  That includes lying.

IMHO, we really can't expect the Christian world, including the most elite and esteemed of the universities and academics to be objective concerning Israel and Jews.  Sorry, but you can't whitewash the truth.


Elaine said...

Carolyn Glick is a brilliant writer. I read everything I can get my hands on that she writes!
IF I stepped into a Christian Church, I think perhaps the building would collapse around me. I began researching when I was 14 (I am 66 yrs old now); and there wasn't much then. My father and grandfather were Baptist Ministers; and as a child I remember them blasting the Jews.
I could NOT absorb that!!! I was often popped in the head during sermons when I would lean over to my mother and ask questions about the Jews and the teachings of Jesus.
AS soon as I got out of the house, I stopped going to church. I Just COULD NOT believe what they were saying. It just didn't feel right in my heart.
At one point, I did try to go to Temple Shalom/Dallas TX. It was so beautiful and I could "feel" the strength in the Temple. However, I also knew when I walked in that I didn't belong there. There was a Holiness within the walls. I still send money to Temple Shalom for the children and older people in Israel.
I may not be welcome here because I am a Christ Centered Person -- but would NEVER push my thoughts and/or beliefs onto anyone!! In my heart and soul, I know it is wrong to do that.

God Bless Israel. God Bless this site.
Thank you for allowing me to speak.

Leah said...

"....that's because the basic concept of Christianity is to replace Judaism." How simply put and unfortunately how very true. Yes, it is the root to this - and the past ...oh...couple thousand years.
I, too have written for newspapers and have never had a blessed thing posted....Truth IS difficult for them to swallow...nisht vaar? (german rhetoric to be taken in jest. They used to say it in a polite/pc way, yet true goodness was something that they cannot really acheive. ....and so the same story goes on.....

Batya said...

Elaine, thanks for your thoughts. I know there are many Christians as individuals accept the legitimacy of the Jewish religion.

Leah, we agree. I blog, because at least by blogging I can control my writing's being in the "media," even if the media is just a blog.

goyisherebbe said...

The term is alma mater.

Batya said...

goyish, of course, I knew something looked wrong, thanks

Leah said...

Yes, and I am glad that you blog. I was thinking about something yesterday. In the 1930's one could not blog. He could not even get in the media. It was completely taken over by the German people, which were the Nazi's. Now days, there are more on the conservative side as well as the social media and free speech rights, except of course that Obama and his cohorts want to do away with that.
We have it a little better than the 1930's. Is there increasing anti-semitism and anti- Israel speech and hatred? Yes, yet we can make it public. Your blog helps much and it is a kiddush Hashem.
Does Hashem still run the world? Yes. I am glad he does and not those who would (and do) kill and hate.
I appears that Hashem is bringing this world as we know it to a close to open up for us another door to something with complete emett.

Batya said...

Leah, the news world via the internet is now free and open in most of the world. We can send our views to all who will listen/read.

Leah said...

Yes. My meaning was more to the effect that what is in the media specifically coming fromt he White House and most media outposts are in the left wing alnt and some of the most contrived - outright lies that I've heard....

Batya said...

true, leah