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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Honenu News and More

You may have noticed that I've added something new to this blog, a Honenu news ticker.  It's on the right sidebar just above the Jewish Israel one.  For some strange reason, of late you have to be on/in a specific post/article on this blog to see the sidebars, so, just click a post title and the sidebars will appear, G-d and google willing.  And, also inexplicable, is that the lower portion of the right sidebar has been "eaten up" by some mysterious internet demons.

Honenu and Jewish Israel are two very important organizations and internet sites.  I support and agree with them both.  That's why I have them both on my blog and I help out however I can.

Honenu is a very needed, unfortunately, legal aid organization that assists those Jews who are arrested by the Israeli Government for defending Jewish Rights:
Honenu was established in 2001 by Shmuel Meidad {no relation.} Honenu in a non profit legal defense organization providing legal aid to our loyal citizens, who at times due to the security situation are being persecuted by government authorities and a court system heavily influenced and pressured by anti Israel “human rights” groups. These groups are heavily funded by the European Union and others.
Honenu is the only legal aid group that defends Jewish dissidents.  I know many people who have been helped by them.

Jewish Israel defends Judaism from Christian encroachment into our Jewish Land and People.
We at JewishIsrael understand that this is a time of existential danger and - for many - spiritual confusion. We acknowledge that there are certain rabbinic and community leaders in Israel and America who attribute the current outpouring of fundamentalist Christian support for Israel to a prophetic era of apocalyptic change. We must remind them that regardless of one’s worldview, we Jews are obligated to hold our spiritual and physical ground and there is no rationale for breaking halachic fences, blurring lines, and jeopardizing or compromising the Jewish faith by openly embracing and encouraging evangelical designs for Israel.
I highly recommend that you make a point of visiting and supporting both of these groups. Thank you


Anonymous said...

If Shiloh Musings supports Jewish Israel and its mission, why are there "xians" supporting and/or working w the community of Shiloh?


Batya said...

a, I'm not a community dictator; I'm just a blogger who lives in Shiloh. I don't make policy. I do publicize my opinions as well as I can.

Hadassa said...

Honenu has a Facebook page now too:

Batya said...