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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Maybe I'm Just Stupid, But I Con't See The Good of This General Strike

Israel is suffering a general strike.  The Histadrut,Israel's humongous and powerful labor union dictators, along with the shades of Korach faux "social justice" cult are supporting a "general strike" here in Israel.

Israel's social protest leaders join the general strike at Ben Gurion International AirportMoti Milrod
On Wednesday morning, the Histadrut declared a general strike, causing delays at Ben Gurion airport and affecting banks, hospitals, government offices, trains, the stock exchange and more. The strike at Ben Gurion airport ended at noon. However, customs officials are expected to continue work disruptions, which may cause long lines for passengers in the afternoon hours. (complete article)
I'm a bit lost here.  What was the reason, the real reason, to inconvenience people totally unconnected to the strikers' demands.  What demands?  Those of us who are getting the very low salaries, minimum wage, don't strike, can't afford to strike.  Obviously those in the faux social justice clique have the money to take the time to demonstrate.  They should have been embarrassed to be waving pro-strike signs at the airport where people have been so inconvenienced. 

These strikes are bad for the economy. Tourist don't repeat visits to places in which their planes have been held up and flights cancelled because of strikes.

I must admit, that I didn't notice any signs of strikes when in Jerusalem today, but then I didn't go to a hospital, government office or any of the other places affected by the strike.  The closest the strike hit me was when a neighbor stopped to give me a ride home from the bus this afternoon.  I asked him way he was home in the middle of the day:
"I'm striking."


MAOZ said...

It's become more noticeable with the garbage piling up....
Somewhere or other (IsraelMatzav maybe?) I read someone's take on it that it's because elections for head of Histadrut are coming up soon -- Eini has to show he's accomplished something.

Batya said...

Maoz, could be, but these strikes inconvenience the innocent and the tourists, all those not connected to policy, the weakest in society.