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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nu? What's New in the Jewish News Media?

There's a new guy on the Jewish news block called The Times of Israel.  It's mostly about Israel, though not exclusively.  It's all online, facebook and twitter, yes, very modern and up-to-date in that sense. 

It seems that David Horowitz, former Editor in Chief of The Jerusalem Post has taken along many of the best and brightest from that paper to staff his new one.  I remember his talk at the Second (and last) International Jewish Bloggers Convention when he complained that since the Jerusalem Post had gone internet, there was no quiet spell on the news desk, since the paper no longer "went to bed."  The internet had make journalism a 100% 24/7 job.  The only day the Jerusalem Post stopped the presses was on Yom Kippur.  He mentioned taking on more and more of Shabbat observance, just to get some peace and rest.  The mostly Torah observant audience clapped loudly for that.  I wonder what the policy and his work life is like on his new internet paper.

For me, this new paper isn't all that great, since I don't carry along the right sort of technology.  My cell phone is just used as a phone, and I don't have all those fancy electric media/book stuff in my bags.  I also don't spend the day on the computer.  I live a much more primitive f2f type of life.  It's going to be hard to fit all this new newspaper into my already busy computer time, but I'll try.

Good luck to Times of Israel!


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God Bless Israel.

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