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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fighting Back On All Fronts (plus a PS)

Unfortunately, the State of Israel and many Jews all over the world and political spectrum are afraid of appearing "too" extreme, partisan, JEWISH or whatever and waste their public relations and marketing talents on less important issues than the viability, legitimacy and right of the State of Israel.

One of the few exceptions is Caroline Glick, who writes for the Jerusalem Post and established Latma.  In her latest article she fights back attacks on herself found in an article on Huffington Post.  In Glick's latest JPost article she tries to make sense out of United States President Barack Hussein Obama's Syria policy and shows why with Obama at the helm, the USA and the free world are in serious trouble.

A few other sites on the internet contribute to revealing the true history concerning Israel.  Yitzchak Heimowitz brings up some good points about how useless American promises have been to Israel over the years, but he has trouble admitting that those points are more the rule than the exception.  Personally, I don't consider the United States to be a true ally to Israel.  The proof's in the pudding as the saying goes.  America has never gone out on a limb to do anything for Israel; it just makes dangerous demands.  And please don't bring up the faux aid to counter me.  American "aid" is not more than shopping coupons to be used in American "stores" only.  They strengthen the American economy and weaken the Israeli one, because they under-price the military defense supplies, which cause Israeli companies to fail.

I'll include here a video, not very new, which has a lot of good points, but one awful one.  The good point is all of the topographical proof, very nicely illustrated, that the best borders for a safe, secure, viable Israel are the post-1967 Six Days War ones.  But in at least one spot during the voice-over there's talk of a "demilitarized Palestinian sic State," as if it's a given, something that must and can exist.  I totally object to that. 

There is not way another state can exist in the borders of the State of Israel.  There is no historic justification for it.  There is not way that these Arab terrorists, see Soccer Dad's article, can ever be peaceful.  At present, as a "non-state," the P.A. can't be trusted.  Yes, I admit that it's very hard to turn back the clock and cancel all the rights that successive Israeli Governments have given them.  I objected to every one of those rights and privileges and we mustn't increase them. 

Remember that the AIM OF THE PALESTINIANS SIC IS THE DESTRUCTION OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL.  We must stop deluding ourselves and face the truth.

PS I just saw this "special announcement" by Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in which he condemns the latest agreement between the various Pseudostinian aka Palestinian-sic leaders. Instead of demanding that they apply "white-wash" and hide the truth, he should recognize and admit that this agreement is their true policy and take all appropriate actions.  That means cancel all "peace" negotiations etc.

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