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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Should We "Land of Israel Loyalists" Be Hunger-Striking Like Khader Adnan?

Did  Khader Adnan's 66 day hunger strike get the Israeli Government to weaken?
Israel's state prosecution reaches deal with "Islamic Jihad operative (sic)" Khader Adnan, who is due to be released in April. (complete article)
Government spokesperson Mark Regev told CNN Monday that hospital officials are doing all they can to prevent any harm to Adnan, and pointed out that he is no longer shackled to his bed. After being asked by interviewer Hala Gorani about Adnan’s long detention without trial, Regev said that Adnan had already been allowed to appear before a judge and that his imprisonment is at par with measures that are in place in other Western democracies fighting terrorism. “When you deal with terrorists often what you have is confidential intelligence so you have to hold people as you collect more; it’s better to hold him than to have other people killed tomorrow.” “You have to protect the public against violence and extreme killers ... he has been arrested numerous times by the Palestinians themselves,” Regev said. (complete article)
Here's the official Israeli Government Statement:

Justice Ministry Statement Regarding Khader Adnan
Following is a translation of a request submitted by the State Attorney and the attorney of the appellant (Khader Adnan) to the Supreme Court:
"1. This petition regards the appellant's request for an order to revoke the administrative detention order that was issued against him, and is in force until 8.5.12.
2. The State would like to announce – after the issue had been brought before the Attorney General – that it agrees to offset the days in which the appellant was detained for the purpose of a criminal investigation prior to his administrative detention from the period of the current administrative detention order, and also announces that as long as no new significant and substantive material is added regarding the appellant, there is no intention to extend the administrative detention.
Therefore, as long as no new significant and substantive material is added regarding the appellant, his administrative detention will end on 17.4.12.
3. In light of State's foregoing announcement, the appellant states – via his attorney – that he is halting his hunger strike effective immediately.
4. In light of the foregoing, the State and the appellant ask that the honorable Court order that the petition be dismissed without an order regarding costs, and that the discussion scheduled for today (Tuesday), 21.2.12, be cancelled."
A photo I took in Migron over six years ago.

Now, if had some determined volunteers to hunger strike for Migron and other  Jewish communities endangered by Israeli Government policy, would Bibi and Barak change their stripes?

We don't want more Jewish homes destroyed!


Hadassa said...

I think they'd be happy if we starved to death. It would save them the trouble of trying to figure out what to do with us. Times have changed since the IDF didn't quite know what to do with a group of women and children in Beit Hadassa, Hevron. Today the IDF doesn't have a problem throwing widows and orphans out into the cold rainy night without shoes or baby bottles.

Batya said...

Hadassa, I guess you're right. That reminds me of when I first saw you...