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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ruthie Blum, On Target!

There are many anglos here in Israel who miss Ruthie Blum's writing.  She gave us a few years of it in the Jerusalem Post and then sort of disappeared from the scene.  Ruthie has returned and now writes a couple of op-eds each week in Israel HaYom.  Her latest one is addressed more to Americans who don't want Barack Hussein Obama to be reelected President of the United States.

Ruthie is on target when she reminds the Republicans that they have to focus their attacks on Obama and not on each other!

Ruthie's basic point, focus your energies properly, is relevant to all of us and especially to the State of Israel.  Who and what are our enemies?  And another point that is important for us to remember, which the United States doesn't have to worry about is that Israel's enemies aim to destroy us.

Simply put is that:

Just like when nobody cared that Jews were being exterminated/slaughtered/murdered by the Nazis only a couple of generations ago, nobody today cares that the Pseudostinians aka Palestinians sic aim to replace/destroy us.  Terrorism is a tool, a double-edged sword. It kills and it lowers morale.

Many of these points are brought up in this interview I did recently. 


Sharon Beck said...

I'm glad Ruthie Blum is working hard on defeating Obama. I'm sure the Republicans will pull together in the end.

Batya said...

Sharon, G-d willing

Moriah said...

I am a registered Independent - used to be a Republican until the Disengagement. I have bad news for anyone thinking Obama can be defeated. Even if the vote is overwhelmingly for Romney or Santorum, Obama will win a second term. There is nothing they won't do to win. It is as simple as that. They hold all the levers of power and they aren't letting go. It is very naive to think this will be an ordinary election where the rules are followed with honor and integrity. They lie and cheat at every turn. Outright, bold-faced lies mean nothing to them. Joseph Goebbles would be proud. This is an administration based in pure evil. The thugs the media and Obama gush over as being the 99% - the ones throwing urine-filled balloons and bricks at the police will be a part of his civilian security force along with the gangsters at ACORN. America's going down. And nothing is bringing it back. I just hope I can get out of here in time because when the violence erupts here and people lose their lives Jews will be blamed.

Batya said...

Moriah, sounds bad, come home.