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Monday, February 13, 2012

Likud, No Matter Who's "Cooking" It's Awful

The Likud is like some old uncle whom you have to respect but not like.  We've been in Israel since 1970, predating the Likud. It was just Gahal then, the Herut-Liberal Block.  Somehow along the way we became paying members of the Likud and religiously vote in the internal elections, but as I've blogged on many occasions, I don't vote Likud.  I support neither Bibi, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, nor Moshe Feiglin.

I respect Netanyahu's knowledge and political skills, but I feel that they are both misused.  I disagree with his official platforms, since he "centers" it all, because he thinks that to be a national leader, he must compromise and grab the center.

My feelings about Feiglin are the opposite.  I agree with his policies and ideology when it comes to security, religion, Land of Israel etc, but I think he has gotten his politics all wrong.  He is not a competent politician; a politician knows how to win elections and get his people in with him.

During the recent Likud elections Moshe Feiglin's group put out this poster.

It claims that it's between "Feiglin and (Defense Minister Ehud) Barak."  The message is that if you don't vote for Feiglin, you'll get Barak.  Feiglin has been trying to get power in the Likud for a very long time already.  He has made no real progress at all.  Yes, I voted for him in the internal elections, but in the national Knesset Elections I won't vote Likud.  Actually I'd take a version of this poster and have it read:
NU-National Union (Eldad, Ben-Arie etc)
Ehud Barak-Likud (Binyamin Netanyahu)
If you vote Likud, you'll get Leftist anti-settlement Ehud Barak.  The only way of keeping Barak out of power is to vote for a reliably Right pro-settlement party, and there's only one on the menu Ichud Le'umi NU.  Bibi has given Ehud Barak unprecedented powers.  And I'm not afraid of Likud's losing the election, because in the opposition they are always more Right and pro-Land of Israel.  It's only the Likud that has destroyed Jewish communities.  Think about it.


David Tzohar said...

What is the point of voting in the Likud internal elections if you dont vote for them in the national elections? Your vote is wasted on right wing parties which will have no effect on public policy. I think I have said this to you before, but I really think that the ideological right should support the Likud where they are represented by Faiglin, Hotobeli and others.

Batya said...

David, Feiglin has no power in Likud. The people in charge are Bibi, Barak and others I don't want. I vote in internal elections to try to improve it, but that's as far as it goes for me. We need more reliable Right Leumi people in the Knesset.

Amihai said...

David Tzohar,
actually the Ihud Leumi has much more effect in what is effectively going on in the knesset.
The last achievment being the appointment of Grunis as new president of Suprem Court.
The only thing achieved by Hotobeli and others is small pressure on Netanyahu.
And that's all.

On every critical vote, bibi can force the MK to vote like only HE want.
By giving likud more seat in the knesset, you're actually helping Netanyahu vote what HE wants.

Batya said...

Amihai, thanks, exactly

goyisherebbe said...

I agree that Feiglin is not developing a power center in the Likud. He needs to take some plays from the Shas playbook and be the address for helping people with social problems. getting jobs etc. The Ihud Leumi also is getting frozen out of the coalition negotiations. Is there another alternative?

Batya said...

goyish, Feiglin just isn't capable of playing the game. Sorry
And we need a strong Right opposition to keep the government going the Right way. I don't want the NU in the govt.

Amihai said...

The thing is, even if Feiglin would play the social card, he would first alienate himself from the whole non-religious right which dislike meddling with social problems.
It would burry him even further.

I disagree with Batya on the need of a strong rightist party on the opposition (even if it make sense that one party as such can prevent a lot of problem).
I think that a much stronger rightist party in the coalition would be really better.
But right now, the ihud is not strong enough for imposing itself in a governement which play so much with Barak.

Batya said...

Amichai, you're not alone in overestimating the power of the various parties and ministers in the coalition. I guess I have to blog it.