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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Election Results: Bibi Rules Likud. I've Always Voted IN Likud, But Only Once FOR Likud

According to news reports, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has the support of about 80% of the Likud members who voted yesterday in the primaries.  Shiloh results were very different:
משה פייגלין - 302 Moshe Feiglin  
בנימין נתניהו - 24 Binyamin Netanyahu 
פסולים ולבנים- 11 Unacceptable or blank 
הצביעו מעט  למעלה מ 50 אחוז. More than 50% voter turn-out.
My husband and I voted.  I took pictures, but they will bli neder  be posted later.  We have been voting in internal Likud Elections even before there was a Likud.  I don't know about him, but I only voted Likud once.  This may not make sense to you, except if you know the history of the party.

We joined the Herut חרות Party, Jerusalem Branch, a couple of weeks or days after making aliyah to Israel.  That was in 1970, and Haim Corfu was head of the branch.  He felt so privileged that we, Betarim, olim chadashim, new immigrants from New York, had joined the Party that he insisted on driving us home to the Maon Betar in the Old City.  He apologized for his inexperienced driving, having only gotten his license a short time before.  Later on he became Israel's Minister for Transportation.

Herut was the main political group in the Gahal Party, Gush Herut-Liberallim, the Herut-Liberal Block.  Just before the 1973 elections, another party, Free Center, joined, and the expanded party was called Likud.  We later on speeded up our citizenship process to vote Likud in the 1973 elections, which due to the Yom Kippur War was postponed until Dec. 31, 1973.  We were abroad, in England doing Jewish Youth Work for Betar in 1977 and missed those elections.

After Menachem Begin became Prime Minister, due to the Likud's surprise victory in 1977, he quickly started his courtship of Egypt's Sadaat, sealingit with the gift of the Sinai, and my voting for Likud was history.

Begin's Camp David Accords entailed destroying Jewish Life in the Sinai, and his successor as Likud Prime Minister, Arik Sharon, declared Disengagement which banished Jews from Gush Katif and gave the Land to the Arab terrorists of Gaza. For that reason I don't vote for the Likud Party.  No Leftist Party has done more to endanger and destroy Jewish Life in the Land of Israel.

I'm afraid of what a now strengthened Bibi Netanyahu has planned.  Read Arlene Kushner's latest article Fear and Rumor.  Also read Caroline Glick's Hamas and the Washington establishment.


Hadassa said...

Don't forget the four communities in the northern Shomron destroyed along with the 21 in Gush Katif. The houses were razed, the families expelled and the land left as no-man's-land. Even according to the government the IDF has control over the area. Kicking out the families was an absolutely pointless act of cruelty.

Batya said...

Hadassa, I planned on mentioning them, but was too pressed for time. Sorry

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Bibi didn't even allow dozens of Gush Katif refugees to vote yesterday, because their official residence is "Gush Katif" (they are still in temporary locations) so they weren't allowed to vote.

Hadassa said...

It's impossible to remember everything or everyone every time. We all know that you really didn't forget them.
The GK expellees living in Nitzan, and, I think, in the other concentrations of expellees were allowed to keep their GK addresses in the previous primaries and other elections. They had to fight for the right, but in the end the Likud allowed it. This time they weren't allowed to vote. I saw a figure of 41 voters quoted in a few places. I haven't checked, but I'm sure they weren't informed that the policy had changed.
There were a lot of problems in general with address changes too and people being sent to polling stations far from their place of residence. Pure fraud.

Anonymous said...

the treaty with egypt and giving up the sinai was a good, if painful, move.
it gave us relative peace with strong member of the arab middle east for over 30 years. in this region, thats a lifetime.

Batya said...

Jameel, Hadassa, no doubt bibi has learned and mastered too many dirty tricks.

gutless, aka a, Well for a nation/people thousands of years old, thirty years isn't even one heartbeat.

Hadassa said...

a, Egypt never kept any part of that treaty. We gave up valuable land and oil for less than nothing. At best Egypt turns a blind eye to the tunnels used for smuggling arms into the Gaza Strip and other parts of Israel. Besides the fact that Israel should never abandon Jewish land, the Sinai is an important buffer zone, which is now a chaotic battle zone between various Bedouin and Arab groups. It would also be much easier to stop the African infiltrators, generally erroneously called "refugees" if Israel still had control of the Sinai.
Abandoning Sinai under a Likud government set a dangerous precedent that led the way to abandoning other parts of Israel under other Likud governments. No matter how you look at it, leaving Sinai was WRONG.

Batya said...

Read Shiloh Musings: Caroline Glick Saved The Evening, in which she describes the withdrawl from the Sinai very accurately.