Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Your Clique of Cliques

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"All animals are equal but some animals are more equal
than others." George Orwell's Animal Farm

I wish this had the humor of Your Show of Shows, the legendary sketch comedy television series which appeared weekly in the United States on NBC, from 1950 until June 5, 1954, starring Sid Caesar.

The "clique" I'm referring to is Israel's media, especially, television. It's not only a very closed club, but it has succeeded in controling Israeli minds better than George Orwell could ever have imagined.

The extreme Leftist control of the Israeli Media is more than just politics. I felt it strongly after veteran broadcaster and media celebrity, Shosh Atari, passed away a few weeks ago. The media took it hard. For the broadcasters she was family. The word "we" was bandied about more than "she."

Those who read what I write know that I criticize the chareidim for not being part of the IDF and allowing the non-religious to control it, instead of making it a more Jewish army from day one. And now I'm criticizing the Mafdal dati le'umi, national religious for giving the Leftist and non-observant the gift of television and radio to control our minds and children. Mafdal was part of the government coalitions during the early decades of the State of Israel and could have gotten into the media as part of their agreements.

When Arutz 7 had its radio shows broadcast over ordinary radios all over Israel, people began listening and thinking. That's why the government had it closed down. Where were the protests? Why were the politicians of the Likud and Mafdal so silent? Why did they cooperate? It's their fault that the Israeli media has gone further to the Left.

Today the TV news editors very rarely give the political opposition even a symbolic opportunity to join in discussions and panels. Their opinions aren't asked. There isn't even an attempt to pretend to balance the broadcasts. The clique is closed to those who don't agree. The Internet isn't a true alternative.

This "chametz" has been fermenting for decades. It will be difficult to clean, but we have no choice. We must enter the media in every position possible, from top to bottom. G-d willing, the next government should be more nationalist and understand that no matter how difficult, "impossible" and unpleasant it will certainly be, a total overhaul must be made in Israel's media, starting with the IBA, television and radio.

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