Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yes, They are Addicts

Another Tack: They're no quitters

This is a totally brilliant article which compares Israel's "peaceniks" with smokers who can't break their habits, even though they know that it's probably killing them.

Unfortunately the picture illustrating it doesn't appear on the JPost internet site, but this is the caption:

Doctor in cigarette ad. As more and more political fortunes were invested in Osloite 'peace,' it became harder to kick the addiction.
Doctors and smoking remind me of once, 27 years ago, when I went for a check up while pregnant. It was "National No Smoking Day." I was horrified to see that the doctor was smoking. You shouldn't be surprised that I told him to stop and asked him how he could smoke in the clinic, especially on that day. Yes, things have changed in Israel. There was a time you couldn't go any place which wasn't filled with cigarette smoking.

Maybe, G-d willing, we can work the same miracle on the "peace addicts."

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