Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bibi's Hidden For A Reason

Israel's media has been hiding Likud and opposition leader, Bibi Netanyahu, for a reason. It's the same reason why Israel's politicians removed the law for direct election of Prime Minister.

Poll: Likud 29 Labor 18 Kadima 15, Nuclear Iran top concern
Dr. Aaron Lerner 12 April 2008

Haaretz-Dialog poll of 500 adult Israelis (including Israeli Arabs)
conducted 9 April, 2008 supervised by Professor Camille Fuchs of Tel Aviv
University. Statistical error +/- 4.5 percentage points.

If elections were held today how would you vote (expressed in mandates)
Based in the 64% who said who they would vote for.
Actual Knesset today in [brackets]

[Ap]= current poll
[Fb]= February poll
[Jn] = 18 January poll
[Nv] = November 2007 poll]

29 35 34 30 [12] Likud
18 17 17 23 [19] Labor
15 14 13 15 [29] Kadima
12 12 12 11 [11] Yisrael Beteinu
10 09 09 09 [12] Shas
07 06 04 04 [05] Meretz
06 07 06 07 06 [06] Yahadut Hatorah
06 04 06 06 [09] Nat'l Union/NRP
04 03 06 04 [00] Social Justice (Gaydamak Party)
00 00 00 03 [00] Green Party
00 03 02 02 [07] Retirees Party
10 10 10 10 [10] Arab parties

Percent satisfied with the performance of:
Olmert 23% Livni 43% Barak 37%

What are you most concerned about?
[IMRA: This was a "closed question". It would have been appropriate to also
include the security situation in the South]
34% Iran going nuclear
22% Economy
21% Security tension in the North
14% All to same extent
04% None of the above
04% Don't know

This week a large security drill was held. Is Israel better prepared for
war than it was two years ago?
Yes 43% Same as before 23% Less 18% Don't know 16%

Next month Israel will celebrate 60 years of independence. Will Israel
continue to exist in another 60 years?
Yes 77% No 11% Don't know 12%

Who most has the following characteristics?
Sound judgment
Olmert 17% Barak 21% Netanyahu 31% All same/don't know 31%
Personal integrity
Olmert 9% Barak 24% Netanyahu 23% All same/don't know 44%
Olmert 10% Barak 33% Netanyahu 33% All same/don't know 24%

Do you plan to eat chametz on Passover?
No 68% Yes 26% Don't know 6%

If Kadima and Labor combine and run together in the coming elections will it
change the chances you would vote for them?
Increase 24% Decrease 20% Unchanged 39% Don't know 17%

Who of the following would you like to eat dinner with?
None of them 38% Netanyahu 14% Lieberman 12% Olmert 9% Barak 8% Yishai 8%
Oron 7% All same 3%

Published in Haaretz on 11 April 2008
I'm not hiding the fact that I am not happy with Bibi. I have serious problems with the fact that he mistakenly thinks that he should be a "centrist," rather than uncompromisingly, unabashedly right wing nationalist and Jewish. But considering the dangerous and pathetic politicians running against him...


goyisherebbe said...

Netanyahu has been bought a long time ago. Moshe Feiglin's Manhigut Yehudit is a good idea but I have a nagging thought that it would have been better to put it in the Labor Party rather than the Likud (Licouldn't). The Labor movement built the land and once had a real connection to it. Not that they were such tzaddikim. Not that I forget the Altalena one minute. But the emptier and the more rotten the shell, the easier it is to take over. The manipulation of the post-election results has already started with Gaydamak, the current candidate for UFO coalition party in the tradition of Pensioners, Shinui, etc., the little party that comes out of nowhere funded by whom (?) -- NIF, EU, Ford Foundation, some rich businessman abroad, Reform Movement -- and immediately gets a few seats and sells itself to you-know-who for the appropriate sum together with Shas.
The other missing question in the poll about national concerns is the plight of our internal refugees from Gush Katif and Shomron. Your average citizen doesn't seem to get it because he has a TV in his living room, and your average pollster doesn't want him to. We notice because we know we're next.

Batya said...

Interesting points, goyish, why haven't you been posting?