Monday, April 28, 2008

Obama, Kvetching After Only 15 Months, What A Wimp!

This post has nothing to do with the avowed policies of the candidates, just different "qualities" and "characteristics."

Hillary Clinton may have only given birth to only one child, but she has that feminine, I don't think many men can duplicate it, strength frequently shown in childbirth, in which one gets stronger as the pressure/contractions increase.

Hillary has been campaigning for years, if not decades. Just like her fellow-women (is that an oxymoron?) in childbirth, even though the pressure is more intense, she's glowing with additional strength. I have no doubt that the support of her daughter is a factor, like a great birth coach. She sees her goal and knows that the contractions are just contractions, not bad pain.

A man at a sports bar in Latrobe, Pa., advised Obama, “Get some sleep, Barack, you look like you’re tired, man.”
When the candidate noted he’s been running for president for 15 months, the guy offered another tip: “You need a drink.” (complete article)

Obama's a wimp. He doesn't have the internal drive, the fire. He was packaged. He promoted excitement, like the glucose tablets carried around by diabetics. A quick sugar high to counteract the insulin. Egg whites just don't give the body the necessary strength. Obama has neither the physical nor mental strength to be president. The job is even tougher than the campaign.

Both Hillary and McCain show the necessary characteristics. even though he's having too easy a time right now. Like a professional athlete, he will have to reestablish his fitness in time as not to peak too early or too late.

Obama is showing himself to be a sprinter, rather than having the fitness needed for the ultra-marathon. His body is lean from diet, rather than the intense hyper-active nature of a Bobby Kennedy. He's not enjoying the fray; he's no LBJ.

I'm no gambler, and I wouldn't dare predict who will be the Democratic nominee, but if it's Obama, who's already "tired" and McCain, who hasn't needed much energy of late, the excitement may be between the still unknown nominees for Vice President.

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