Thursday, April 10, 2008

Others Are Noticing

I first saw this article in the International Herald Tribune:

60 Years After Israel’s Founding, Many Are Not in the Mood for a Party
Many Israelis, disillusioned with their leadership, oppose a government plan to spend $28 million on the country’s Independence Day celebration....

Then I searched for it online. Click the title, and you can read the entire article.

I remember that in 1974, a half a year after the Yom Kippur War, there was talk in the media about not having anything to celebrate after such a difficult war. So many of our soldiers had been killed, since the enemy took us by surprise. My feeling then was that if we had been able to ask our friends, who had been killed, they would have said:

"Celebrate! We won. There's more to celebrate when you've won a difficult war, than after winning an easy one."

Now, my feeling is that we have to celebrate to stop the destruction of the country. We must celebrate our independence from the political maneuverings. We must show our true independence.

Olmert is planning an extravaganza, an expensive party for his friends, the media and foreigners who like to hobnob. Those parties with Barbra Streisand, George Bush and other celebrities should be cancelled. They are just a bunch of PR exercises to make Olmert look popular. They aren't celebrating 60 years of an independent Jewish State. The opposite. They are celebrating Israel's dependence on foreigners.

That's why the Israeli public isn't all enthused about our upcoming "Independence Day." It's so clear that the politicians are trying to G-d forbid dismantle the country, give away our Land to our enemies and kowtow to foreign rulers.

  • I pray to celebrate new leadership and new direction in the State of Israel!
  • I pray to celebrate the speedy retirement of the present government, every single one of them.

Just like we must rid our homes of the forbidden chametz, we must change the media, the government and the judicial here in the Land of Israel.

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