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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Olmert's Favorite Sport?

This New York Times article about US Presidents and their sporting attempts had me laughing out loud.
I keep wondering what sports Israeli PM's would try in order to impress the voters. I know that Olmert jogs, but I kept hoping he'd skate on this ice, over deep water, like the very middle of the Kineret (Sea of Galilee,) but it doesn't freeze. We'd have to wait until hell freezes over. But Olmert keeps running from...

Someone I know, who stays at posh hotels, told me that he had seen Bibi working out in their "spa." That's not sport. I wonder what sport he would play. He must be competitive. He's the middle of three boys and has two sons. Are they athletes, or just fans of mental gymnastics?

Golda wore sensible shoes, but they were more for standing and walking, not running or dancing. I can't even imagine her doing a hora at one of those mythical kibbutz evening events, when after putting in three hours of out in the field work before dawn and then a full day reaping and milking, the old kibbutznikim had the energy to dance the night away. Maybe that's why she preferred city-political work to the kibbutz.
Ben Gurion was famous for standing on his head.

Menachem Begin certainly believed in proper sportsmanship, but I can't imagine him loosening his tie to play a physical game.

Due to the Israeli political system, individual politicians don't run for the position of Prime Minister. We vote for political parties, and the party leader of the largest party gets first crack at putting together a coalition government. Our politicians don't have to impress the ordinary citizens; they have to know how to make deals with other politicians. A few years ago, the system was changed, and the Prime Minister was elected on a separate ballot. That's when Bibi Netanyahu was elected. The ruling "elite" was so upset that they immediately rescinded the law.

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