Monday, April 14, 2008

Will They Have The Guts?

Where's the little boy who's supposed to be calling Emperor Obama naked? And if he starts shouting out the truth, will the people listen, or gag him?

More and more cracks are appearing in the Obama crown. Or as William Kristol wrote, The Mask Slips. The Obama story, personality, actual policies etc are not really what most Americans want as their President, but most Americans, especially those who consider themselves "liberal," are terrified to tell the truth.

You aren't allowed to be colorblind when it comes to Obama, because any words of criticism are taken as color-based, racism and prejudice.

The only way the little boy will get some "positive press" is if he's "visually challenged." That means that he'd have to be certified as 100% blind from birth and totally innocent of the concept of color, whether it be of skin, hair or apples.

Americans, I wish you luck!


Anonymous said...

As goes America ... so goes Israel.

Batya said...

Israel has been playing the game a long time. The Left calls it "peace." They claim we're against "peace." Of course their "peace" kills and bombs, but it's "peace."