Saturday, November 10, 2018

Caroline Glick's US Elections Article Complements Mine

Last last week, I wrote an article about the recent US Elections, Who Really Won the 2018 American Elections. And on Friday, so did Caroline Glick, WHAT AMERICA CHOSE ON TUESDAY. I must admit that Glick's article had many more facts and interesting information than mine did. And I do recommend that you read her article; it's much more informative than mine. Of course, she's a professional, and I just dabble in these things.

Glick and I did come to the same conclusion, that it's good for the Republicans. But unless I missed it she didn't mention what I considered a very important point. American senators serve for six years, while congressmen only serve two years. The Senate bothers the American Left, because each state has the same number of senators, regardless of size and population.

One of Glick's excellent points in her article is the rise of the radical Left in the Democratic Party. This is worrying for Israel, since the radical Left is extremely anti-Israel and pro-Palestine. They consider us invaders.

American society is undergoing a lot of upheaval and hatred. It's getting more dangerous and less tolerant. Honestly, I'm very glad to be living in Israel.

Shavua Tov
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Unknown said...

Among that admittedly tiny set of Americans with whom I associate on a regular basis, I do not see an increase of intolerance that I realize exists, nurtured by the Internet. If anything, they tend to extend tolerance to those I would prefer to exclude. I might note I associate with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and ethnicities, although generally they are people who have attained a certain level of achievement in this world (sadly, no billionaires among them). Perhaps a more significant factor is that I try to avoid associating with those bristling with a general animus toward the world.

Oh yeah, observers with keener political antennae than mine have noted that, owing to the viscissitudes of the electoral cycle, the real test for Republicans in the Senate comes in 2020.

Mr. Cohen said...

Batya said...

Larry, interesting. Do they accept me?

Mr. Cohen, yes