Monday, February 26, 2018

Will The USA Move Embassy to Jerusalem as a 70th "Shindig?"

Israel is now beginning to celebrate seventy 70 years of modern independence. The Jewish People had an independent Kingdom here in the very same place thousands of years ago. None of the peoples of that time or our ancient enemies still exist. But seventy years ago after a slow painstaking Zionist revolution, the Jewish People here in the Holy Land of Israel were able to reach the stage where a new Jewish State could be declared, defeat its military enemies and exist/thrive.

Seventy years ago, when Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, declared Israel's Independence from the occupation of the British Mandate, the odds of the tiny, weak Jewish population here to survive at all were extremely poor.

Very few of the countries that voted on November 29, 1947, in the United Nations General Assembly to "approve" the right for the Jews to have a country expected the country to be viable and survive. They didn't care either; they just wanted to act nice to the pathetic remnant of Jews after the Nazi Holocaust. There was more sympathy to the Arabs, whom they recognized as the rightful "owners" of the Land claimed by the Zionist Jews. That's one of the reasons why most countries located their embassies in Tel Aviv. For them, Jerusalem was Christian and Muslim, not Jewish.

Of course the "elephant in the room" is the Holocaust and how no country took a stand to protest the early anti-Jewish discrimination/restrictions or protect Jews  in an official way. The United States entered the war for other reasons, and they had no battle plan to destroy the death camps.

Even though, Christians in the western world/culture use the Bible to swear on, they don't really take Ancient Jewish History seriously or connect it to modern Jewry.

Many American Presidents pledged to move the embassy to Jerusalem when campaigning. But once in office they just followed the State Department policy, or like Obama who had also pledged to help establish a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, they were clearly lying, saying anything to get a vote and funding from Jews. Remember that American Jewry is giving much less to Israel and Jewish causes nowadays, but they are very big in funding American political things, especially Leftist.

Donald Trump has shaken up American politics in more ways than one. He came from real estate business and reality TV. The politicians and pundits never expected him to get the Republican nomination and certainly never thought he'd defeat Hillary Clinton in the elections. But with the relatively new primary system, the American People spoke, and they chose Trump.

And Donald Trump is the first American President willing to "put his money where his mouth is," officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital City and move the American Embassy to there. Recent talk is that not only will it be done before the end of his presidential term but in a couple of months, around Israeli Independence Day.

Admittedly I'm a cynic, especially when it comes to politicians, but since Trump has been consistently hurrying the move rather than delaying it, maybe Gd willing it will become reality. What do you think?

The Knesset, Israel's Parliament, in Jerusalem, of course


Mr. Cohen said...

If President Trump actually moves
the American embassy to Jerusalem,
then American Jews should vote
to re-elect President Trump.


This quick blog post refutes the latest
insanity from the Jewish Far-Left:

Refuting the Fans of Vashti:

Joe in Australia said...

Trump never does anything that doesn't benefit him personally, but in this case I suspect the Republicans would like to be able to use the embassy move (which was a campaign promise) as an excuse for good publicity before the 2918 midterm elections, which are expected to be difficult for them. So I expect that this will actually go ahead.

Mind you, they're only going to be re-designating an existing US consulate so it's really only a symbolic act. Also, the *other* thing Trump tends to do is balance "favours" with insults, so watch out for future acts against Israel from the US administration. Not that *that's* new, of course …