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Saturday, February 24, 2018

A Couple of Things The USA Can Learn From Israel

The other day I wrote Aliyah: Not The "Ultimate Sacrifice," and this post will tell of a couple of things that we do much better in Israel than many other countries, especially the United States.

Since gun laws, the "right" or "privilege" to own a gun by private citizens has become a major issue in America, I must say that Israel's laws concerning private gun ownership are the most sensible and realistic. Nobody has the right to own a gun. There's an approval process that not everyone passes before being able to go through with a gun purchase. You need a gun licence. To get the license you have to show a security need for a gun, mental stability and knowledge of of how to use it. Only the licensed owner is permitted to use/carry the gun, and it must be locked up when not not with the licensed owner. In Israel, guns are not sport, nor are they used for hunting. Target shooting is only in special places where innocent bystanders can't be harmed.

All Israelis are covered by basic healthcare. GP and basic tests are included. Medications are relatively inexpensive. There are emergency clinics so one doesn't need to go to the more expensive and unpleasant emergency rooms. If one is sent to the emergency room by a doctor, then the charge is different. And one of my biggest surprises was since I worked past retirement age, I was exempt from paying the monthly healthcare fee.  In Israel you have a choice of "sick funds." It is generally recommended to choose one that gives good service where you live. Here in Shiloh there are two, and they are both very good. Besides GPs and pediatricians, the one we go to has a number of other specialists weekly or monthly. Those unemployed or on welfare are also covered. In recent years the sick funds have been opening dental clinics, so dental care is now more affordable. The branches of all the sick funds are national, all over the country, so if you're not home and need a doctor, you can make an appointment in a nearby clinic.

I thank Gd that I live in Israel. It was one of the best decisions, if not the best I made in my entire life.


Mr. Cohen said...

Mishnah, tractate Avot,
chapter 4, paragraph 1:

Ben Zomah taught:
Who is wise? He who learn from all men.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, It's very scary when defensive weapons are confiscated by governments. This was done by practically all tyrannical regimes. This was the first thing Hitler, yimach shmo v'zichro, Stalin, yimach shmo v'zichro, Pol Pot, etc., etc. did. There are many laws already on the books for the safety of the public, but few, unfortunately, are enforced. This now is part of the new progressive socialism trying to take hold in the US. Also, we have a universal problem today with so many, especially the youth, who are on drugs, whether pharmaceutical drugs or illegal drugs which cause them to go 'crazy'. All these shootings in the schools were done by very problemed drugged children. May H' send Moshiach ASAP where there will be a weapon-free world and no more evil.
We pray for the protection of all children and society at large in the meantime.

Batya Medad said...

In Israel, people who truly need defense weapons have them legally. In the states battle weapons are easy to purchase.

Anonymous said...

We need to remember that the bad guys don't have to buy them, they know how to get them illegally. The bad guy doesn't live by the rules.

Batya Medad said...

In the states there are lots of "black" weapons. It will take decades and generations to make a real difference.